Wednesday, March 10, 2010

this ten was the last ten and may be the next ten.

1) if i ever feel better - phoenix
2) fast cars - wyclef ft. lupe fiasco
3) victim of the crime - phoenix
4) wagon wheel - old crow medicine show
5) staring at the sun - tv on the radio
6) zulu war chant - afrika bambaataa
7) shots - lmfao
8) i need you know - lady antebellum
9) in for the kill - sts
10) three wishes - the pierces


its been awhile hasn't it.

heyyy there everybody.
we have definitely been lacking on the blogging front.
in our defence we have both been busy.
school. work. and everything else.
unfortunately the health of this blog is deteriorating.
sooo...we may need to take an indefinite hiatus.
or just be slower with our updates.
i'm not sure of what the future holds.
but hopefully you'll stick around with us :)