Tuesday, June 30, 2009

post grad.

i originally posted this video a month ago-ish.
i took it down cause i changed my mind.
well i changed my mind again.
i do want to see this movie!
i used to love gilmore girls so i want to see rory.
i love friday night lights so i have to see matt.
i love demetri so i have to see demetri.
oh and jane lynch is funny.

ps. i will post the trailer for fantastic mr fox tomorrow (or as soon as i can get it off youtube).


public enemies - july 1st
500 days of summer - july 17th
funny people - july 29th
adam - july 29th
taking woodstock - august 14th
post grad - august 21st
gigantic - september 8th
where the wild things are - october 16th
precious - november 6th
fantastic mr. fox - november 13th
new moon - november 20th
sherlock holmes - december 25th


ikea idea.

lets go!kaur.
ps. http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/store/calgary/offers

a diva is a female version of a hustler.

mariah carey dressed up as eminem.
the picture is off perez thus the writing.



would you drive this?

the nissan cube: http://www.nissan.ca/vehicles/ms/cube/en/#/en/home/


Sunday, June 28, 2009


happy birthday kaur!!

love keiko.

p.s.  reminder: kaur shares her birthday with john cusack, and i still need to watch serendipity... and maybe some of john's movies from the 80's.  


1) richman – 3OH!3
2) billy jean (remix) – michael jackson & notorious b.i.g.
3) flashing lights – kanye west
4) gangsters paradise – coolio
5) diva – beyoncĂ©
6) paris is burning – ladyhawke
7) shine a light – the constantines
8) boys of summer – don henley
9) 1901 (build remix) – phoenix
10) pale horses – moby


Saturday, June 27, 2009


here's my top ten for the week! i really like this top ten.

1. take the hint kid - woodpidgeon
2.  lovely allen - holy fuck
3.  i've got friends - manchester orchestra
4.  trapeze swinger - iron & wine
5.  i could be dangerous - reverie sound revue
6.  high art, local news - the new pornographers
7.  dirt on your new shoes - bishop allen
8.  hotel - broken social scene
9.  death by ninja (a love song) - woodpidgeon
10.  reasons to love you - meiko

love keiko.

p.s.  i recently go reverie sound revue's new cd, i was pretty stoked on it, and listened to the quite a bit this week.  back in high school i was totally into them (lisa lobsinger=awesome, and when she performed with BSS i fell in love), but i've gotta say, i'm not diggin' their new stuff as much as i loved their EP (2003) ... like rip the universe, one marathon, and in the new... those were my faves.  oh well, still great!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


a friend of mine just sent this link.

love keiko

market collective.

something that i am looking forward to:

market collective.  saturday.  be there.

(i wish kaur was in town this weekend).

love keiko.

i can sing a rainbow too.

photographic rainbow...
thanks to nikki farquharson.


mj forever.

michael joseph jackson
august 29, 1958 - june 25, 2009

not my lover.

oh my michael jackson.
for all his antics he was just mj to me.
may he rest in peace.
i'll post a better memoriam soon.
this is gonna be big news for days to come.
i wanted to beat the rush.
kaur loves you long time.
in fact we were just dancing to billie jean 20 mins ago.
so sad :(


ps. farrah fawcett died as well at the age of 62 due to cancer as well today. however this may be overshadowed by the king of pop.

summer music spotlight.

the music i listen to depends on many variables.
my mood, my location, the people i'm with, the weather, the season...
so its no lie that in the summertime i listen to a lot of gangsta rap.
i feel as summer is time for really upbeat and hard-a-knockin stuff.
additionally i listen to a lot of folk music...can't beat iron & wine while laying in the sun.
however im really really really into an mbf kick right now.
he posted two videos on youtube recently and i just chose one to post.


let's read.

i am going to be like kaur, and post my reading list.  also, i would like to note that the book kaur is currently reading is probably my all-time favourite book (extremely loud & incredibly close).

1.  look me in the eye - john elder robison (i am currently reading this).
2.  girl, interrupted - susanna kaysen (because at one point i loved this movie).
3.  stupid and contagious - caprice crane (because someone told me it is hilarious, and because i was not prepared with a book list when i went for the buy 3 get the 4th free sale at chapters - i panicked for the 3rd book).
4.  all families are psychotic - douglas coupland (i read this book in either grade 9 or 10... and i think i loved it... and i also panicked for the 4th book to buy).

before july 1st i plan to buy another 3 books and get a 4th for free - i love this sale, but next time i will prepare myself with a list beforehand.  if you have suggestions let me know!!!

love keiko.

p.s.  i just read neil gaiman's book, coraline, the other day.  so good.  i loved the movie, and thought it was crazy creepy... but the book?  so much creepier/so much more intense.  i need to read more by him.  my boss at work saw that i was reading coraline and started raving about how awesome neil gaiman is... and another coworker told me he is great... and a sweet friend of mine told me to read him.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i just started reading extremely loud and incredibly close (jonathan safran foer).
let me just say it is amazing so far.
go read it!
other books i need to read in the near future:
look me in the eye - john elder robison
mercy among the children - david adams richards
all the pretty horses - cormac mccarthy
in defense of food - michael pollan
zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance - robert m. pirsig


dog names & drinking games.

i think i recall keiko stated i fall a lot.
i don't know if thats true...but i do fall a lot.
i'm just very prone to falling/tripping/etc or just injury in general.
there have definitely been times where walking down stairs has been terrifying.

ps. this post is named such because at chapters the book 'dog names' was right beside the book 'drinking games' - no other reason.


last night i watched sixteen candles, and for some reason i didn't really enjoy it (i remember that i loved it in high school) (maybe it was because i was exhausted and really wanted to be asleep).  i guess it's just no pretty in pink or the breakfast club.  anyway, i never noticed was how adorable john cusack was in sixteen candles!  i love john.

so after the movie ended i was thinking about john, and then started thinking about the movie serendipity (one of my all-time faves)... and now i REALLY want to watch it.  i seriously love this movie.  kate beckinsale?  i fell in love with her when i saw this movie in theatres, and i love her to this day because of it.  the other day when i was buying books at chapters i nearly bought love in the time of cholera - just because it is in serendipity.  when i was in new york at age 16 we stayed at the waldorf astoria, and i pretended to be sara thomas all the time. one of the highlights from my trip was when my aunt took me to serendipity3 and we sat in almost the same spot as jonathan and sara did in the movie, and ate frozen hot chocolate, and it was amazing.  

i have officially added "watch serendipity" to my list of things to do in june.  

love keiko.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


games night.  all i want to do is have a games night.  i have been talking to all of my friends and all of my coworkers about how badly i want a games night.

here is my ideal games list:

apples to apples
never have i ever

love keiko.

paula deen's bff.

today's word is:

ps. 'i like to use 'i can't believe its not butter' on my toast in the morning, because sometimes when i eat breakfast, i like to be incredulous. how was breakfast? unbelievable.'

moleskin hustle.

my moleskin day planner doesn't start until july so im writing this list here.

to do list.

calaway park.
games night.

thunder run.
van city.
tie dye.
get super dressed up and go out for dinner.
compile a calgary's best list.
road trip.
cypress hills.
glacier national park.


Monday, June 22, 2009

the big reveal.

jon and kate plus 8 =(

that's all.

love keiko.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


linas market stop!
hop on pop.
fathers day run!
not all that much sun.
this is summer?
i'd hope it'd be funner.
sitting in les shack...
hate on for jacob black.


a brand new season of ten!

1) still dre - dr. dre
2) cinder & smoke - iron & wine
3) one more night - stars
4) don't trust me - 3OH!3
5) i'm not alone - calvin harris
6) back like that remix - ghostface killah ft. kanye west & ne-yo
7) paparrazi - lady gaga
8) wake up - arcade fire
9) until the sun turns black - ray lamontagne
10) tiny dancer - elton john


review. A+++++

i had my first bananagrams experience last night, and i figured i should write a bit about it. WHAT A GREAT GAME!  

1.  right now, i am loving it more then i love scrabble (which is saying a lot).  
2.  my favourite thing about it is how intense it is!!!... and that it is a speedy game.
3.  there is no real score keeping, you just keep playing and playing and playing.
4.  there are fun words that need to be shouted (examples:  "split!" "dump!" "BANANAS!").
5.  cheaters (or anyone who uses an unacceptable word) is referred to as the rotten banana.
6.  you can change your words at anytime, so that you can incorporate your new letters.

seriously, everyone needs to play this game.  i know that scrabble isn't for everyone because it's a bit of a slow game, but this one is basically just a more exciting version scrabble - amazing.

love keiko.

p.s.  go play this asap.

my ten.

1.  stop! - against me
2.  got 'til it's gone - janet jackson
3.  whenever you breathe out, i'm breathing in (positive negative) - modest mouse.
4.  tell me in the morning - cold war kids
5.  the new flesh - ra ra riot
6.  hit the heartbreaks - the black kids
7.  i was a lover - tv on the radio
8.  who could win a rabbit? - animal collective
9.  technologic (peaches no logic remix) - daft punk
10.  now i'm a spider - the comas

love keiko.

Friday, June 19, 2009


dear michael cera (especially michael cera as george-michael and/or paulie bleeker and/or nick, maybe not as oh), 

marry me?

that is all.

love keiko.

(i agree with what kaur said about year one).

there it go.

today's word is:

ps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI9LkJ5opWY

you don't want to be gathered. you want to be eaten.

i just returned from watching year one with keiko.
i know that we both were super excited to go see it.
and im so happy to say it did not disappoint!

year one: A

a solid funny movie with the one and only michael cera...so once again i may have had a bit of a bias going into it. though he may be typecast a bit as the bumbling awkward kid - it makes sense because he nails that part. there was some great writing and execution for his part as oh. jack black was the antagonist zed and ill admit despite my usual tendency to not like him he is actually pretty funny - though his humour is more conventional. who else made appearances? one of my personal favourites paul rudd as abel, david cross as cain, christopher mintz-plasse, hank azaria, olivia wilde, and bill hader. so overall a stellar cast. what else what else...umm, pretty much i liked it. definitely full of some laughs even though the plot is predictable. guy who doesnt fit in leaves his commune (or gets kicked out) to see what else is out there, guy is dumb enough to think he's actually smarter than everyone...in the end has to save everybody with a healthy dose of guy gets girl and payback to unwelcoming villagers oh anddddd feuding friends. though to be fair the feud between michael cera and jack black (best buddies) lasts all of 5 minutes. they're journey went from forest dwellers, to coastal community, to hebrew village, to some sort of empire and wrapped it up in under two hours not bad. oh one downfall...there are definitely a few parts they can do without including some unnecessary gross humour which they resorted to in a few spots, but hey its all forgivable because in the end there was more than just vulgar humour present...and paul rudd made an appearance!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

crabby cancer cakes.

today's word is:
ps. 'a crab is a non-aggressive creature. it will take pummeling, pushing, shoving, any treatment you care to give it. it simply will hold on until you get tired and go away.'
- excerpt from an astrology book (yes...read in the children's section of chapters)
pps. apparently a cancer can often be amidst an emotional maelstrom...thus the relationship with today's word.


i have found a new scrabble-like game to get into, and i am really excited about it.  one of my bffs told me about it a few days ago, and then yesterday kaur and i were chillin' in chapters and found it (chillin' in chapters = sitting in the children's section reading astrology books, and reminiscing about old childhood favourites).  anyway, bananagrams is kind of like a fast version of scrabble that you play without a game board, it is also more individual... and comes in sweet banana case.  i haven't played it yet, but i am soooo stoked on it.

love keiko.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i have yet to go to the zoo.
did anyone see the front page of the herald today?

'gorilla caught holding knife at calgary zoo'


something old. something new. something blue?

today's word is:
ps. calgary's community of bridgeland used to be called riverside.

girls with bangs.

just on the note of sweet websites.
stuff white people like.
youve probably heard of it.
so righteous!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i think that this website is pretty awesome  the photographic dictionary.  pretty straightforward... using photos to define words.  "the photographic dictionary is dedicated to defining words through the literal, figurative, and personal meanings found in each photograph."  i was happy to find that the following words were on it:  afterthought, connection, cluster, disarray, giraffe, glow, intensity, keepsake, no, pool, purpose, removed, and water-canon.  (giraffe made me the happiest).

love keiko.

p.s.  i came across the website through www.themodernleisure.com

im a pin cushion. i love my job.

today's word is:

ps. zz top's song 'pincushion' sat on top of the us billboard mainstream rock charts for 4 weeks in 1994.

the hummingbird & the flower

sytycd is the bomb.
i think im gonna post some of my favourite dances.

jaimie & hok - the hummingbird & the flower (wade robson)

ps. wade robson & shane sparks are my favourite choreographers
followed by mia michaels, lil c, and tabatha & napoleon

Monday, June 15, 2009


in honour of the fact that 'gangsta' is officially in the scrabble players dictionary.
i decided that in addition to lexiconology i wanted to start 'slanguage'
what do all these words that the kids on the street use really mean?
im gonna tell you.
slanguage is gonna freak your freak so to speak.

today's word:

peace out brothaaaaas.


keiko and i like lists.
its an affliction to some degree.
mostly i just love it.
for her birthday i made her a mixtape.
and bought her 'my listography'.
its a book which has pre-set lists you fill in.
pretty sweet.
there is an associated website.
it may be one of my favourite things!



toms may be my favourite shoe.
thank goodness for sytycd.
i love phillip chbeeb.
michael bernard fitzgerald fits the bill.
hopefully hot weather is imminent.
listography & mixtapes for a birthday present.
photography is a good thing.
gotta get get get out of this town.
lets park somewheres and listen to stars.
tegan & sara lyrics are killin it.
no one on the corner got swagga like us.
i love it when you call me big poppa.
scrabble dabble!
lets drum that heller and do the hellen keller.
banff. camping. thunderrun. movies. montreal.



i just got home from a shopping trip with kaur.

what did we buy?

okay, so, i wasn't sure i was feelin' toms... i've seen them around, i've heard people talking about them, and on the shelf they just don't look very attractive to me.  then kaur tried one on, and naturally i tried one on... and it felt so good! we both had to buy a pair, mine are the ones pictured above, and kaur's are navy. sweet.

i also purchased this watch (/my parents purchased this watch for me for my b-day):
the nixon kensington.  i figured now that i am twenty-one i should have a dope watch - even though i am terrible at telling time without numbers (or just out of practice), i look pretty cool wearing it.

love keiko.


kaur and i just had the most intense game of scrabble.  

why was it intense?
1.  we got trapped, and only played on 2/3 of the board.  
2.  it took us approximately 3 hours to complete.
3.  we both set our personal best scores - getting into the 300's!!!
4.  for some reason it felt like the proportion of vowels to consonants was way off... so many vowels! seriously, i felt like i had 4-7 vowels on my rack at all times throughout the game (and i am pretty sure kaur felt the same way).

outcome:  354-312 (i won).

love keiko.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

comment comment.

mark this date down ladies and gentlemen.
this is the first post keiko and i are writing together.
kinda a big deal.
we want more comments!!!
come on if you like what we write...tell us about it.
if you don't...well, still tell us i guess.

keiko & kaur.

factory party.

let's go...
love keiko.


ive seen these graphs floating around everywhere.
i had to find out the source of them.
my investigatory skills are prime.
theres so many graphs out there.
some better than others.
take your time to puruse.
or make your own and upload.



kaur made this dope mix for me.

thanks kaur, i love you.

love keiko.

thug life.

i am likin' the ten instead of the five.

1.  swagga like us - t.i.  ft.  kanye & lil wayne
2.  preteens - arrah and the ferns
3.  ghosting - mother mother
4.  sunshowers (diplo mix) - M.I.A.
5.  i'll be missing you - puff daddy & faith evans
6.  diva - beyonce
7.  gravity - john mayer
8.  nineteen - tegan and sara
9.  how to say goodbye - paul tiernan
10.  mal poli - yelle

love keiko.


1) heroes – michael bernard fitzgerald
2) casimir pulaski day – sufjan stevens
3) willow tree – chad vangaalen
4) the funeral – band of horses
5) girl in the war – josh ritter
6) postcards from italy – beirut
7) say yes – elliott smith
8) i’m not over – carolina liar
9) runaway love – mary j. blige ft. ludacris
10) ballad for my one true love – mason jennings


ps. i believe from now on...keiko and i will each present 10 instead of 5!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

hello 21.

if not a hello kitty diamond ring... i would settle for a good cupcake (hello kitty?), or frye boots - take your pick.  just kidding, you can just wish me a happy birthday and i will be happy.

love keiko.

Friday, June 12, 2009


if anyone has an extra $5000, you should buy me this ring:
... tomorrow is my birthday.

love keiko.

200th post.

how did i not know that tegan and sara have a video out for call it off?  i would post it, but i can't seem to find it on youtube, and i can't get the aol video to embed properly.

love keiko.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

so you think you can dance.

last night was the first night of so you think you can dance. i didn't watch it, but i watched the voting off tonight - and then youtubed some of the dances. i am pretty disappointed so far (i loved last season SO much). anyway, this was my fave dance:

probs just because it is tabitha and napoleon and i love them!!!!

love keiko.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


this. is. so. weird.


number one.

ive been searching for a few days for a good video to post.
this isn't an amazing video by any means.
however it is the most viewed youtube video.
so you should all go watch it if you haven't.
because everyone else is...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mbf be my bff?


no choke chuck.

today's word is:

ps. caveat lector is a latin phrase for: let the reader beware.

Monday, June 8, 2009

guess what happened again today.

i chatted with my sister during my break at work (while reading our horoscopes in all the weekly gossip magazines) and we made plans to go to crave to get cupcakes this afternoon - BUT IT IS MONDAY, i was devastated when i remembered that they are closed.  now i've got cupcakes on my mind, again.  dammit!

cupcakes tomorrow, perfect plan.

love keiko.

not your classic chew toy.

i remember keiko posting about sushi pillows.
i found sushi dog toys.
they are so cute.


do you wanna. do you do you wanna.

things i want to do:

1) park somewhere and listen to stars.
2) bonfire. bonfire. bonfire.
3) roadtrip & camp.
4) tie dye.
5) thunderrun.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

ten for seven.

1) your ex-lover is dead – stars
2) pictures of success – rilo kiley
3) brand new spaces – michael bernard fitzgerald
4) movie life – michael bernard fitzgerald
5) you can have what you want – papercuts
6) the greatest light is the greatest shade – the joy formidable
7) zombie – the cranberries
8) fidelity – regina spektor
9) crystalised – xx
10) sunrise – yeasayer

ps. the whole ten instead of five is way more my style. i love it!

ten, from keiko.

ok ok ok, so this week we decided to each put our top ten (instead of five). exciting, i know!

this week my songs aren't really in any particular order... other then the first 2, they are defs the top of the top for my week.  enjoy.

1.  wrecking ball - mother mother
2.  how do you sleep? - jesse mccartney
3.  calendar girl - stars
4.  hospital beds - cold war kids
5.  '88 - the cool kids
6.  cannibal resource - dirty projectors
7.  dog days are over - florence and the machine
8.  it's not over yet - klaxons
9.  major label debut (fast) - broken social scene
10.  imma be - black eyed peas

love keiko.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

barron the baron.

this kid is dressed up like he's big money.
oh wait he is...he's barron trump.
he's got style.
i love kids that are dressed well.
so sweet.
gotta start em young.

love & manners.

i went to love and manners last night.
boy oh boy...what a show.
it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
quite a different show than you're regalurrr ole concert.
a spotlight series of 10 opening acts.
mbf himself.
all together on stage.

who: michael bernard fitzgerald and 120 other talented performers
what: love and manners concert/the mbf love ep pre-release
where: jack singer concert hall
when: june 5th
why: why not?

highlights (and there were many)
1) the mc's = quirky, adorable, awesome (perfect mc's!)
2) noel johnson in the spotlight series
3) guitar tuning pt 1: mbf telling a joke
a piece of string walks into a bar...the bartender says 'we don't serve pieces of string here'
the piece of string walks out and thinks of only one solution
he walks into the closest back alley
he ties himself into a knot...then proceeds to fray one of his ends
he then walks back into the bar...the bartender says 'aren't you the piece of string i just sent away?'
the string now says 'im afrayed knot'
4) guitar tuning pt 2: mbf calls upon a young audience member to tell a joke (so cute)
why do cows have bells?
because their horns don't work...
5) mbf himself: so full of love and awkward energy...great stage presence and truly a gifted artist. love it.
6) his response to 'i love you michael!'
'well thanks thats very kind of you...i'm sure i could be coerced into loving you too'
7) a big shout out to my friend, choreographer, and dancer last night...jamie marshall!
8) the mad amounts of love in the jack singer last night.
9) the music. the dancing. the art. the energy. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

i cannot say enough about how impressed i was and how happy it made me.


Friday, June 5, 2009

men vs wild

bear grylls is a wicked name.
that name alone makes me wanna watch man vs wild.
i hear its not that real however.
irregardless i watch it on occasion.
i kinda wish i watched this episode.


you're so whack!

i would just like everyone to take note of the happiness i felt when kaur is posted the word shorty (/the happiness i feel when i hear her say it).  back in april i made a post after the saw the movie the wackness, and in it wrote about the dope 90s lingo - and how i love the quote "i got made love for you shorty".  perfect!

peace out.

love keiko.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i got mad love for you shorty.

today's word is:
ps. i decided to switch it up today and use a 'slang'.
i just really love the term.
ive been saying 'ive got mad love for you shorty' all week.
the following spellings are acceptable: shawty, shawdy.


my day = unproductive and boring.

1.  work 6am-2pm, but came home early.
2.  read outside on my trampoline, but fell asleep.
3.  read 54 pages of perez hilton.
4.  watched tv on the internet for a few hours.
5.  visited my grandma.

oh.  but i did eat some crave cupcakes, and that was nice.  i had been craving them since the weekend (monday's cupcake plan fell through, crave is closed mondays), and my sister came home with a box of them... so satisfying!  she only let me have one, and then left the box out, and all i could think about was how delicious the red velvet one looked (when she came home later on she shared it with me - awesome!).  i love cupcakes.

love keiko.


i just want to say that i can't wait for sunday, i am really excited to list my weekly five songs - they are good ones!

i would also like to add that i am sad that the temperature is going to be dropping for the next couple of days, and i won't be able to enjoy all of my new (summer) clothes to the fullest.

love keiko.

i like this.

i like this.

that is all.

love keiko.