Sunday, June 21, 2009

review. A+++++

i had my first bananagrams experience last night, and i figured i should write a bit about it. WHAT A GREAT GAME!  

1.  right now, i am loving it more then i love scrabble (which is saying a lot).  
2.  my favourite thing about it is how intense it is!!!... and that it is a speedy game.
3.  there is no real score keeping, you just keep playing and playing and playing.
4.  there are fun words that need to be shouted (examples:  "split!" "dump!" "BANANAS!").
5.  cheaters (or anyone who uses an unacceptable word) is referred to as the rotten banana.
6.  you can change your words at anytime, so that you can incorporate your new letters.

seriously, everyone needs to play this game.  i know that scrabble isn't for everyone because it's a bit of a slow game, but this one is basically just a more exciting version scrabble - amazing.

love keiko.

p.s.  go play this asap.

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