Saturday, June 27, 2009


here's my top ten for the week! i really like this top ten.

1. take the hint kid - woodpidgeon
2.  lovely allen - holy fuck
3.  i've got friends - manchester orchestra
4.  trapeze swinger - iron & wine
5.  i could be dangerous - reverie sound revue
6.  high art, local news - the new pornographers
7.  dirt on your new shoes - bishop allen
8.  hotel - broken social scene
9.  death by ninja (a love song) - woodpidgeon
10.  reasons to love you - meiko

love keiko.

p.s.  i recently go reverie sound revue's new cd, i was pretty stoked on it, and listened to the quite a bit this week.  back in high school i was totally into them (lisa lobsinger=awesome, and when she performed with BSS i fell in love), but i've gotta say, i'm not diggin' their new stuff as much as i loved their EP (2003) ... like rip the universe, one marathon, and in the new... those were my faves.  oh well, still great!


jkshen said...

hey is there anywhere i can get High Art, Local News without getting it from iTunes?

-friend of kaur

Keiko and Kaur said...

im pretty sure i downloaded it from you'd have to dig to find it though.