Monday, August 31, 2009

all month long.

i keep posting about how august is flying by and how i don't want the month to end - guess what, today is the last day of the month.  yikes. tomorrow is september. 

that's all.

love, keiko.

p.s.  i've been carrying a disposable camera in my bag all summer and on friday i used up the last of it... last night i got it developed, there are some quality photos and quality memories on it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

i might like you better, baby

1.  might like you better - amanda blank
2.  lua - bright eyes
3.  the day i lost my voice (the suitcase song) - copeland
4.  all the miles - amy milan
5.  modern romance - yeah yeah yeah
6.  title and registration - death cab for cutie
7.  higher than the stars - the pains of being pure at heart
8.  a little bit cooler - the cool kids
9.  staring at the sun (diplo remix) - tv on the radio
10.  technologic (peaches no logic remix) - daft punk

love, keiko.

on the topic of the last one.

1) lisztomania – phoenix

2) daylight (yukon ho remix) – matt & kim

3) it don’t move me (the knocks remix) – peter bjorn & john

4) 40 day dream – edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

5) blood bank (skinny friedman dj edit) – bon iver

6) buriedfed – miles benjamin anthony robinson

7) vagabond – wolfmother

8) universal mind control – common ft. pharrell

9) strawberry swing – coldplay

10) crying lightening – arctic monkeys


Friday, August 28, 2009

on the topic of eternal sunshine.

things i loved about this week:
being a kid again and doing kid things.
spontaneous trips with old friends.
ice cream.
adventures with dinosaurs.
standing on top of cars.
realizing the beauty of alberta.
taking off on the open road with no purpose.
being on your own and loving it.
evening drives in the countryside.
windows and sunroof open happy that its warm & sunny.
good music.
not knowing where you are.
not knowing where you are going.
knowing youll get back just fine.
parking that car.
dropping that phone.
turning off the music.
listening to the crickets.
walking into that sunset.
doing those things they do in the movies...for real.
running past the roses then going back to smell them.
tarantino movies.

ps. i like keiko dont want august to end...though i really just dont want summer to end.

that's a bummer.

after today there are only three days left in the month and that's a bummer.  i'm not really sure why i am dreading the end of august so much.  three good things coming with the end of august?

1.  moving! on tuesday!
2.  fall is my fave season/fall clothes are my fave clothes.
3.  i am looking forward to getting back to school.

love, keiko.

p.s.  i guess i'm bummed about the end of august because then real life sets in (school, working, paying bills since i am moving out of my parents'... and that makes me nervous - don't get me wrong i am so stoked on the moving and growing up), and because friends are heading back to school in different cities/friends moving away... i don't like missing people.  oh and winter will be just around the corner... not a big fan of winter weather.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

on the topic of the californian mountain snake.

today's word is:


ps. "black mamba venom contains powerful, fast-acting neurotoxins and cardiotoxins, including calciseptine. its bite delivers about 100–120 mg of venom on average; however it can deliver up to 400 mg. if the venom reaches a vein, 0.25 mg/kg is sufficient to kill a human in 50% of cases. the initial symptom of the bite is local pain in the bite area, although not as severe as snakes with hemotoxins. the victim then experiences a tingling sensation in the mouth and extremities, ptosis, diplopia double vision), dysphagia, tunnel vision, ophthalmoparesis, severe confusion, dysarthria, fever, diaphoresis (excessive perspiration), excessive salivation (including foaming of the mouth and nose), and pronounced ataxia (lack of muscle control). if the victim does not receive medical attention, symptoms rapidly progress to severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, lymphadenopathy, dyspnea (shortness of breath), epistaxis, pallor, shock, nephrotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, and paralysis. eventually, the victim experiences convulsions, respiratory arrest, coma, and then death. without antivenom, the mortality rate is nearly 100%, the highest among venomous snakes. depending on the nature of the bite, death can result at any time between 15 minutes and 3 hours. factors associated with the nature of the bite include penetration of one or both fangs, amount of venom injected, location of the bite, and proximity to major blood vessels. the health of the snake and the interval since it last used its venom mechanism may also be factors. the health, size, age, and psychological state of the individual bitten is also a determining factor."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


here are some songs that i think are amazing right now (pretend that it's new music monday?... but just single songs on tuesday instead of full albums on monday)

bang (hypnos remix) - rye rye ft. m.i.a.
chillin (the knocks remix) - wale ft. lady gaga (and i've been listening to the normal version of this song a lot)

love, keiko.

get in here.

highs of the past little while.
  • market collective and cute artwork ( - check her out!)
  • inglourious basterds (as with any tarantino film... watch out if you've got a weak stomach)
  • scrabble at starbucks!  i hadn't played since the start of july! what!  of course, i lost (i've never won against this one particular opponent)
  • ikea purchases! 
  • organizing old photos from my childhood, so much fun.
love, keiko.

this is in response to kaur's last post

instead of 80's movie marathon i think we should have an 80's (bratpack inspired) dance party.  i mean, did you watch that video she posted? how much fun does all that dancing look? (answer: the most fun ever)

love, keiko.

Monday, August 24, 2009

on the topic of sunny days.

this cheered me up yesterday.
i really want to do an 80's movie marathon.
including but not limited to:
pretty in pink
16 candles
breakfast club
dirty dancing

ps. any other suggestions?

rushes in/here to stay.

shit.  we are into the last week of august and that bums me out.  even though i have a lot to look forward to this fall... summer will soon be coming to an end and that sucks.

oh well, here is my top ten that i missed yesterday!

1.  sleepyhead (starsmith remix ft. ellie goulding) - passion pit
2.  feel it in my bones (ft. tegan and sara) - tiesto 
3.  part one - band of horses
4.  re: stacks - bon iver
5.  live it out - metric
6.  dreaming with a broken heart - john mayer
7.  love and truth - mother mother
8.  losin you - amy milan
9.  new kind of love - plants and animals
10.  end at the beginning - asobi seksu

as for new music... none.

love, keiko.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

on the topic of klassy calgarians.



on the topic of mbar.

so i juuust realized that i have never shared my love for this man.
part of me wants to keep him all to myself.
miles benjamin anthony robinson.
lets just say i love love love his music.
and i am excited for his future.
i think its bright!
i cannot wait for his next release.
summer of fear october 20th!
as for his past...he has quite the story.
i cant remember the details.
nor can i find an article about his past anymore.
think nyu art school, drugs, and homelessness.
and contrary to common belief he's more troubador than gangster,


on the topic of love.

woodfriend - miles benjamin anthony robinson

buriedfed - miles benjamin anthony robinson


on the topic of smooth rollin.

heartbreaker - mstrkrft ft. john legend


on the topic of the end is not near it is here.

1) woodfriend - miles benjamin anthony robinson
2) small planet - ferraby lionheart
3) heartbreaker - mstrkrft ft. john legend
4) glock nines (ratatat remix) - jay-z
5) i'm a lady (benny blanco remix) - santogold
6) the end's not near - band of horses
7) way down (dan sena remix) - n.a.s.a.
8) everybody knows - john legend
9) hero - regina spektor
10) vision of heaven - bloc party

ps. i love this top ten...for some reason music just sounded sweeter this week.

on the topic of opportunities popping up.

i like this guy.
justin broadbent.

ps. check out his absolut installation.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


august is flying by.  

i feel like i have too many unaccomplished summer to-do lists... and too many failed plans.  oh well, let's get out and enjoy the rest of the summer.  market collective today!

love, keiko.

Friday, August 21, 2009

love it.

summer day.
dexter season 4.
nap time.
the ship.

love, keiko.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

everything is going to the beat.

i'm diggin' this song:  sleepyhead (starsmith remix ft. ellie goulding)

i was going to wait until sunday and my weekly ten to share this song, but i'm just too excited.  i lovelovelove the original sleepyhead... and listened to remixes of it for a good chunk of my day yesterday - this was the best one that i found.


love, keiko.

p.s.  i tracked down a download link for the song, so if you want it let me know.

what happens in vegas.

the hangover: C+/B- (i can't decide)

last night i wanted to see district 9 (my cousin, ethan odagaki, wants me to mention that i went with him)- we got there a bit late, got tickets, and then went into the theatre and there were NO seats.  it was disappointing!  the more i read about the movie, the more i want to see it (a few weeks ago i had no intention of seeing it).  anyway.  i ended up seeing the hangover.  completely ridiculous? yes!  hilarious? not so much, i didn't find it as funny as a lot of people made it out to be... still good though.  it definitely had its moments, but they weren't very memorable (the funny parts... the really ridiculous parts were totally memorable)- i can't even remember any of them right now, but i do remember laughing out loud at some points.  this was more of a watch online/rental movie i think (but so have most of the movies that i've seen in theatres in the past couple weeks).

love, keiko.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

on the topic of games we play.

today i finally figured out how to hook up my nintendo.
at least ten years after i last played it...i played super mario brothers.
i cannot even try to explain the excitement i felt when i heard the music come on.
i felt like a kid who got exactly what they wanted for their birthday. i dont play video games now.
i dont even own a console other than the nintendo...or the 64 which i never used much.
but can i just say that the original nintendo is the bees knees.
so much fun!
and the castle still scares me.
its even more terrifying because now everything is new again.
i dont have each level memorized or anything.
each step is a step into the unknown.
anyways i just wanted to express my joy with all of you.


on the topic of love without talking.

i love this.
i couldnt find a way to post the video.
but please watch it.
its gorgeous.


lump sum

i like this.

love, keiko

on the topic of yesterday.

yesterday was sweet.

hanging with keiko.
higher grounds.
urban barn.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's just about midnight.

new music from last week!

between the beautifuls - hawksley workman
one of my co-workers loves loves loves hawksley workman, and i had never actually listened to him before... so i figured i should give him a listen.  truthfully, i haven't gotten around to playing this album yet, but i am looking forward to it. (okay i lied... i have heard his song 'you me and the weather' and absolutely loved it, but haven't listened to it since highschool).

post-war - m. ward
i haven't listened to the entire album, but i love it!  how could i not?  he is half of she & him, and i love she & him.

blood bank and hazeltons - bon iver
bon iver is working his (/its.. since i think some more people joined him on blood bank to form some sort of band?  i'm not entirely sure..) way up in my favourite bands/artists.  seriously, amazing.

hands - little boots
there's been so much hype about little boots (especially on perezhilton awhile back), and i never thought to give her a listen... so i downloaded her album and have yet to get around to listening to it.  im sure it's pretty decent electropop, we'll have to wait and see.

love, keiko.

quickly now.

just five things that i am excited about.
  1. a trip to ikea tomorrow with kaur (this is in preparation for number 2).
  2. i am moving out at the start of next month! into a cute little house with some amazing people.
  3. the globalfest fireworks competition! who doesn't love fireworks?
  4. market collective on saturday (this could also be partly in preparation for number 2).
  5. shakespeare in the park.
  6. i am about to hit play and watch revolutionary road, i've only heard good things about this one.
love, keiko.

on the topic of slappin the bass.

i also watched i love you, man recently.
it was fantastic.
so funny.
obviously i love paul rudd and jason segel.
so i was bound to love it.
paul definitely was perfect and awkward!
i was trying to find a certain scene that i loved from the movie.
but i failed.
so instead ill post this interview.
good old george.


let's watch some movies.

this week was a movie week for me.  i'm not going to really review the movies that i saw - but i'll write a bit about each.

funny people: B
not judd apatow's best, but still funny! some parts were laugh out loud hilarious, and some parts were a little bit drawn out.  i didn't have very high expectations (i had heard some bad reviews) so it was good.  overall a pretty decent movie.

julie and julia: B-
umm, not really my kind of movie.  meryl streep was amazing, and i love amy adams - so they were great.  i went to see this with a few of my cousins, my aunt and BFF... other than us, i am pretty sure nearly everyone else in the theatre was over the age of 65.

the time traveller's wife: B-
i really wish that this movie was better!!  i think it was a tough movie to make, and it was okay.  i loved the cast, and the movie was beautiful... it was just a bit confusing - the whole time traveling thing was really explained enough and it was tough keeping track of time.  but i enjoyed it.

i love you, man: A
HILARIOUS! i have been wanting to see this for a really long time, and it was great.  i watched it alone in my bedroom, and was laughing hysterically to my myself.  paul rudd is just amazing, and his character's awkwardness is just perfect.  ahh, i need to watch this one again.

the watchmen: B+
i watched this last night, really late at night.  mid-way through i started drifting in and out of sleep, so i missed some parts i think were important... because i was so confused! (so i need to re-watch it).  the story and concept is awesome, and i think the comic book feel was captured pretty well.  some parts was disgusting and too gruesome (but at the same time was pretty cool...) - my little brother caught part of the movie and commented "is this a saw movie? or what?"

love, keiko.

if you love us.

let us know what you think of the new layout.  give us your suggestions.

love, keiko.

i'm a silly love song.

1.  i'm a lady (benny blanco remix) - santigold
2.  underwater - tegan and sara
3.  i'll believe anything - wolf parade 
4.  wing finger - chad vangaalen
5.  lump sum - bon iver
6.  if it kills me (casa nova sessions)- jason mraz 
7.  get by - talib kweli
8.  legs away - mother mother
9.  to go home - m. ward
10. the party - justice

if you want to listen to my number one go HERE.
love, keiko.

on the topic of a good change.

itsssssssssss back!
from a long hiatus.
a tried tested and true top ten.
not one of my best.
but let me warm up to it again!

1) livin on a prayer – bon jovi
2) rock my world – michael jackson
3) scream my name – lfmao
4) uptown – drake (ft. bun b & lil wayne)
5) feel the pain – dinosaur jr.
6) whachadoin – n.a.s.a.
7) drinking, thinking, sinking, feeling – slow club
8) girl in the war – josh ritter
9) boys will be boys – starfucker
10) let’s get married – jagged edge (run dmc remix)


Saturday, August 15, 2009

on the topic of upgrades.

keiko and i are in the works of making some changes to our site.
we're going give things a little sh-sh-shake up.
annnd hopefully it will look perfect in the near future!


on the topic of george michael.

i was stoked on the arrested development movie.
i now hear it is most likely not happening.

this is how i feel about it.


on the topic of classics.

george michael got arrested today.
poor guy obviously needs to resurrect his career.
too bad guilty feet have no rhythm.
sorry i had to.
lets listen to some careless whispers today.
just for fun.


on the topic of why the swedes are sweet.


i could have another you by tomorrow.

i love beyonce, there's no hiding it. irreplaceable? one of my faves.  

recently i discovered gregory and the hawk.  her songs are super mellow, acoustic and adorable. i haven't had much luck finding much by her (just an ep), but thanks to youtube i found this little gem...

love, keiko.

on the topic of goodness.

i read the last lecture.
and if you liked tuesday's with morrie.
you'll like it.
its short and cute and has some great messages.
stuff you know but its a nice reminder.
if you want some background info heres the sight:

i would suggest reading the book then watching the youtube lecture.


on the topic of love.

to write love on her arms.
check it out:


Friday, August 14, 2009

on the topic of wicked awesome.

i love this.
someone posted this on keiko's fb page.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

just watch.

a friend of mine posted this on her facebook.
wow wow wow.  it is pretty amazing...

love, keiko.

on the topic of failure.

pretty sweet:


it's you.

i am in love with rachel mcadams... so, obviously, i really want to see the time traveller's wife.  it comes out on friday.  i think i want to see the movie before i read the book, so that i am not disappointed in the movie (or in rachel).

love, keiko.

on the topic of food.

ive eaten out a lot here in van city.
i cant say ive eaten everywhere ive wanted to.
however im going to list my faves so far.

best of:
the naam
hells kitchen
mario's gelato

places i still want to go to:
the main
the reef


on the topic of my city.

okay okay...
so most of the time i complain about calgary.
however getting out of town has given me some new perspective.
i will now point out but a few of calgary's redeeming qualities.
yes...most of them relate to driving.

1) left turn lanes
2) wide roads
3) speeds over 50 km/hr on most roads
4) good pavement
5) no stupid traffic circles or speed bumps everywhere
6) free parking in tons of places
7) people who know how to line dance, two step, and hoedown
8) good drivers
9) some decent radio stations
10) the price of gas

thats all...though there are many more.

ps. i kinda miss the old cgy.

on the topic of run.

i love run dmc.
they run show so to speak.
i started watching runs house.
apparently rev runs son diggy has a blog.
its pretty good for a youngin.
hes definitely got some style.
ch-ch-check it out.


on the topic of what im currently all about.

more books on the list.

1) the last lecture - randy pausch
2) how to lose friends and alienate people - toby young
3) a tree grows in brooklyn - betty smith


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

joy joy.

i think everything on this blog is adorable.  i especially like the post about "marc by marc jacobs on the cheap" because i am currently all about marc jacobs, and everyone likes cheap.

love, keiko.

give me your eyes, i need sunshine.

i made this mix for a friend of mine for her birthday (please excuse my careless typing mistake on chad vangaalen!)

the playlist took me quite a while to come up with, and then even longer to narrow down.  i couldn't come up with a fitting theme, so i decided to go with "some of my favourites" (i have too many favourites) - some of the songs i don't listen to anymore/forgot about/haven't listened to in years, but have at some point been my fave (tracks 4, 5, 9, 17... more recently - 1, 2, 7, 17, 19).  some of the songs are my all-time faves (tracks 6, 8, 11, 12, 14, 16, 20).  and some of the songs are current faves (all the other tracks).  

i'm not sure if the photo is big enough to read...

1.  everybody say - takka takka
2.  my year in lists - los campesinos!
3.  it doesn't have to be beautiful - slow club
4.  wing finger - chad vangaalen
5.  mr. pitiful - matt costa
6.  be the one - melanie c
7.  sweepstakes prize - mirah
8.  underwater - tegan and sara
9.  contrast and compare - bright eyes
10.  skinny love - bon iver
11.  anthems for a seventeen year old girl - bss
12.  calendar girl - stars
13.  i'm goin' down - florence and the machine
14.  styrofoam boots/it's all nice on ice, alright - modest 
15.  fans - kings of leon
16.  almost summer - jason collett
17.  tko - le tigre
18.  tu es beau - yelle
19.  sunshowers (diplo mix) - m.i.a.
20.  i'll believe anything - wolf parade

love, keiko.

my life.

i don't normally make posts like this, but i am bored.
  • i completed day one of searching for a house/apartment, exciting!  this move is going to be amazing!
  • i need to stop over-thinking, it makes me feel like a crazy person.  ugh.
  • i want to make more beautiful mixes and beautiful cd cases.
  • i want an herb garden... and a regular flower garden.
  • i miss kaur, we've been apart for weeks!
  • i miss vancouver, and am jealous of kaur for all the time she's been spending there.
  • ive recently been sucked back into the world of celebrity gossip, i have mixed feelings about this.
  • i need more scrabble in my life.  it is probably for the best that i haven't been playing much (weeks? a month? what?), but i miss it!  
  • i want to jam pack the last month of summer break and have as much fun as possible.  better get planning.  this summer is flying by, and i don't want it to end... august should last forever.
love, keiko.

Monday, August 10, 2009

new music monday

new music monday!  monday seems like the perfect day to keep track of new albums/new bands when i start listening to them (sometimes i end up not being too impressed, but for the most part i think i have good taste).  some weeks i don't get into any new music, but most weeks i try to.  new music monday also means that if there are any bands that you listen that you think i would like... comment and let me know!

the past week:

slow club - yeah so
mother mother - touch up
ferraby lionheart - catch the brass ring
the low anthem - oh my god charlie darwin

i am really liking slow club right now, and i love o my heart by mother mother so clearly i needed this album (and it will be excellent).  i have only listened to bits and pieces of the other two... so far so good.

love, keiko.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

on the topic of rhythm.

i like this whole concept.
rhythms del mundo!

ps. i love the killers cover of hotel california...i haven't heard many of the other songs so i have no comments about them.

on the topic of helping a brotha out.

hey everyone.
i am part of the kss cibc run for the cure team.
we will be running 5km on october 4th.
until then i will be fundraising as much as possible.
my current goal is $150 dollars as im unsure how much of a response i can generate.
but hopefully i can not only reach that goal but exceed it as well!
i would love love love if and or all of you could make a donation.
one of any size makes a difference (as youve most likely heard before).

consider how you will feel after you have contributed to this very present and real cause.
one that may affect you now or in the future.
one that can and will make a very important impact here and now.
you will be affecting a greater number of people than you can imagine.
please take time to read about the run, donate, or even participate yourself!

you can make a donation online here:
or in person (leave a comment and we can coordinate something)


on the topic of let downs.

i am still on vacay.
therefore no top ten.


on the topic of science.

it was raining today.
so i went for sushi obviously.
and hit up science world!
i felt like a 4 year old again.
but mostly i was overwhelmed.
so many tiny people yelling.
anyways the 'scream' exhibit was on.
there was a list of phobias.
i can't recall them all.
so i looked them up.
there is a site devoted to this.
some of the phobias are crazy.
some of them don't seem legit.
maybe thats just my skepticism.

ps. i think that the educational component of science world is lost to children.
to them learning about the effects of gravity is just a game.
so i think the whole concept of science world is a gimmick.

i'm not the one you need.

1.  skinny love - bon iver
2.  life 2:  the unhappy ending - stars
3.  dance 'till the morning light - slow club
4.  saturday - rachael cantu
5.  vagabond - wolfmother
6.  not tonight - tegan and sara
7.  new kind of love - plants and animals
8.  last goodbye - jeff buckley
9.  cannonball - damien rice
10.  scared - albert hammond, jr.

love, keiko.

p.s.  skinny love was my most listened to song this week by a long shot.


here is a quick peek into my current reading list!

  1. no one belongs here more than you, miranda july - so, i think this one was on my first book list.  it took me a couple tries to really get into it, and now i LOVE it.  i even battled motion-sickness on my roadtrip to finish a couple stories (motion-sickness is my number one enemy, ugh).
  2. the picture of dorian gray, oscar wilde - (500) days of summer inspired me to pick this one up, obviously.
  3. revolutionary road, richard yates.
  4. brave new world, aldous huxley - recommended by one of my BFFs, should be excellent.

love, keiko.

p.s.  i started reading #2 poolside in vegas, but i left it out in the sun while in the pool... and the glue melted and the pages started falling out.  this happened to me last summer when i started reading fight club (the only difference is that EVERY page of fight club fell out so it was beyond saving, and this time only 2 pages fell out and i got them back in).