Friday, August 28, 2009

on the topic of eternal sunshine.

things i loved about this week:
being a kid again and doing kid things.
spontaneous trips with old friends.
ice cream.
adventures with dinosaurs.
standing on top of cars.
realizing the beauty of alberta.
taking off on the open road with no purpose.
being on your own and loving it.
evening drives in the countryside.
windows and sunroof open happy that its warm & sunny.
good music.
not knowing where you are.
not knowing where you are going.
knowing youll get back just fine.
parking that car.
dropping that phone.
turning off the music.
listening to the crickets.
walking into that sunset.
doing those things they do in the movies...for real.
running past the roses then going back to smell them.
tarantino movies.

ps. i like keiko dont want august to end...though i really just dont want summer to end.

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