Sunday, August 9, 2009

on the topic of helping a brotha out.

hey everyone.
i am part of the kss cibc run for the cure team.
we will be running 5km on october 4th.
until then i will be fundraising as much as possible.
my current goal is $150 dollars as im unsure how much of a response i can generate.
but hopefully i can not only reach that goal but exceed it as well!
i would love love love if and or all of you could make a donation.
one of any size makes a difference (as youve most likely heard before).

consider how you will feel after you have contributed to this very present and real cause.
one that may affect you now or in the future.
one that can and will make a very important impact here and now.
you will be affecting a greater number of people than you can imagine.
please take time to read about the run, donate, or even participate yourself!

you can make a donation online here:
or in person (leave a comment and we can coordinate something)


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