Sunday, August 16, 2009

let's watch some movies.

this week was a movie week for me.  i'm not going to really review the movies that i saw - but i'll write a bit about each.

funny people: B
not judd apatow's best, but still funny! some parts were laugh out loud hilarious, and some parts were a little bit drawn out.  i didn't have very high expectations (i had heard some bad reviews) so it was good.  overall a pretty decent movie.

julie and julia: B-
umm, not really my kind of movie.  meryl streep was amazing, and i love amy adams - so they were great.  i went to see this with a few of my cousins, my aunt and BFF... other than us, i am pretty sure nearly everyone else in the theatre was over the age of 65.

the time traveller's wife: B-
i really wish that this movie was better!!  i think it was a tough movie to make, and it was okay.  i loved the cast, and the movie was beautiful... it was just a bit confusing - the whole time traveling thing was really explained enough and it was tough keeping track of time.  but i enjoyed it.

i love you, man: A
HILARIOUS! i have been wanting to see this for a really long time, and it was great.  i watched it alone in my bedroom, and was laughing hysterically to my myself.  paul rudd is just amazing, and his character's awkwardness is just perfect.  ahh, i need to watch this one again.

the watchmen: B+
i watched this last night, really late at night.  mid-way through i started drifting in and out of sleep, so i missed some parts i think were important... because i was so confused! (so i need to re-watch it).  the story and concept is awesome, and i think the comic book feel was captured pretty well.  some parts was disgusting and too gruesome (but at the same time was pretty cool...) - my little brother caught part of the movie and commented "is this a saw movie? or what?"

love, keiko.

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