Monday, August 10, 2009

new music monday

new music monday!  monday seems like the perfect day to keep track of new albums/new bands when i start listening to them (sometimes i end up not being too impressed, but for the most part i think i have good taste).  some weeks i don't get into any new music, but most weeks i try to.  new music monday also means that if there are any bands that you listen that you think i would like... comment and let me know!

the past week:

slow club - yeah so
mother mother - touch up
ferraby lionheart - catch the brass ring
the low anthem - oh my god charlie darwin

i am really liking slow club right now, and i love o my heart by mother mother so clearly i needed this album (and it will be excellent).  i have only listened to bits and pieces of the other two... so far so good.

love, keiko.

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