Sunday, May 31, 2009

last 5 of 5th month

if keiko thinks she has a weird mix of songs, here's mine...

1) lola stars & stripes - the stills
2) calendar girl - stars
3) a girl like you - edwyn collins
4) magic stick - 50 cent ft. lil kim
5) missing - everything but the girl


ps. i know calendar girl has been on my list before...its just that good

my five.

here are my five songs for the week.

1.  how deep is your love - the bird and the bee
2.  use somebody - kings of leon (this song is tied with manhattan - kings of leon)
3.  we are the people - empire of the sun (the golden filter remix)
4. it's over - jesse mccartney
5.  cool - snoop dogg

love keiko.

p.s.  kind of an odd mix of songs.

Friday, May 29, 2009


i am going to go ahead and make this a post about the highs and lows of my week.  why? because i have a feeling i am going to have a pretty chill/uneventful weekend.


1.  scrabble.  i was seriously craving a good game - and got one, outside on the starbucks patio (so nice, even though it was a bit more windy than i would have liked).  it was a close game, but my opponent pulled ahead right at the end by hitting a triple word score (really close... the entire game we were within approximately 6 points of each other).

2.  picnics.  picnics are always great.  bocce ball? yes.  delicious foods (examples=the best pasta salad, brie, an assortment of dips, mango)? yes.  sweet friends? yes.  hilarious/drunken party games? yes.  perfect. 

3.  just the fact that it feels completely like summertime now.  sunshine, warm weather, being outside, summer music... everything feels happier in the summer.

downfalls :(

1.  mosquitos and spiders (while picnicking).  my enemy... well, really, they weren't too bad.  i only encountered one spider, and only got one mosquito bite.

2.  full-size crave cupcakes.  bad idea.  i need to remember to always stick with minis.

3.  i am having trouble coming up with a number three (even one and two aren't even really bad).  i had a pretty excellent week.  oh, cutting mango! so difficult! it was too complicated for me, and i was unprepared... but it was so worth it in the end.  i love mango.

love keiko.

p.s.  i have an honourable mention for my highlights!  people rarely ever make me mix cds, and i love mixes (i love making them for people, and i love receiving them even more... hint hint).  anyway, someone made me a pretty sweet mix (of basically all songs i've never heard) this week, which is pretty rad.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i love you man. i saw star trek last week and it was not bad.
i went in with no expectations.
and like the novelty it was pretty funny.
anyways im not going to do a movie review.
however i saw this picture of zachary quinto on justjared.
and it made my day...its so cute!
when was the last time you saw an actor just hoola hooping outside?
well this in turn made me go watch some youtube videos of the star.
which furthermore lead me to a grand discovery.
the zachary quinto & chris pine bromance.
those two are adorable in their interviews together.
therefore bromances are adorable.
this reminds me: i really want to see i love you, man.

i wanted to make a list.
so i listed some bromances.
just ones i could think of randomly.

george clooney & brad pitt
matt damon & ben affleck
chase crawfrod & ed westwick
paul rudd & jason segal & jonah hill & seth rogen...
gael garcia bernal & diego luna


sad can be rad.

keiko and i have recently made posts in regards to sad songs.
here is a list of some songs that i would put in that category.
funnily enough most of these songs would be in my favourite songs list as well.
this list is by no means comprehensive.

glycerine - bush
anthems for a seventeen year old girl - broken social scene
calendar girl - stars
trapeze swinger - iron & wine
a l'orée des bois - plants & animals
to be alone with you - sufjan stevens
farewell transmission - songs:ohia
wild horses - iron & wine/calexico
new slang - the shins
silver coin - angus & julia stone
having part of you (acoustic) - vast
middle distance runner - sea wolf
thirty-three - smashing pumpkins
the world at large - modest mouse
coming to terms - carolina liar



i am really in the mood for a nice game of scrabble.  someone play me, please.

anytime, anyplace - i've got travel scrabble on hand.

love keiko.

p.s.  play scrabble with me and i'll love you forever.

remember what you told me.

goals reached? 1/3.  fail.  the picnic prep was the most important, and i completed that goal.

anyway.  i really want to post a video of calendar girl (live, with all of the flowers)... but all the youtube videos of it are horrible.  sad.  i want to post it because: 

1) it is beautiful (especially with the all of the flowers).
2) kaur posted about how anthems makes her sad, and calendar girl makes me feel sad.  i really, really, really love this song... it just makes my heart ache.

that's all.

love keiko.


for some reason i find the way that pineapples grow sooo bizarre!!

love keiko.

goals for the day?

1.  prepare a picnic for tomorrow.
2.  read nick and norah's infinite playlist, outside.  sunshine=yes!
3.  return a shirt, and use the money/store credit from that to buy the necklace i want.

love keiko.

tony horton brought it.

i want this sooooooo bad!
the p90x.
it may be off an infomercial, but its legit.
i think im gonna go get it this week.


park that car. drop that phone. sleep on the floor. dream about me.

keiko had once mentioned that anthems for a seventeen year old girl by broken social scene makes me cry.
she's right...well not cry per say, but its hard for me to listen to.
not totally sure why.
i listened to it in full for the first time in months today.
here's the video...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

gluey feathers on a flume.

people ask me who my favourite musician is.
i can never answer.
i love music too much to pick just one.
however bon iver would be right up there.
definitely in the top 5 i think.
i love all his stuff.
i would post them all if i could.
go check him out if you havent already.
anyways...i love this performance...

this website is dope.
i give it mad props.
unfortunately its in french.
good thing - its easy to figure out.
i found them via youtube.
"take away shows"
i wanted to post more of my faves but there are too many.
check out the site or the youtube channel.

ok.  so.  i love justin timberlake.  my love was my fave song for quite a while - and was my ringtone for even longer.  anyway, i also am loving the tender forever right now.  so if you add my love + tender forever together... it has to equal greatness.

love keiko

you got a beautiful taste.

glycerine by bush is one of my favourite songs.
its just so perfect.
and for some reason makes me want to cry.
i was listening to this the other night.
and i remembered this performance:
the rest of the band went offstage.
and gavin rossdale stays and sings in the rain.
i'll never forget the first time i saw this.
not sure why.
its just so beautiful in its own way.
i dont know if you'll agree.


Monday, May 25, 2009

how deep is your love.

ive listened to nineteen by tegan and sara quite a bit this week, and call it off - in fact, call it off has skyrocketed to my number one played song.  i just love the lyrics to both songs.  so good.

i love things like:

1.  maybe i would have been something you'd be good at.
2.  maybe you would have been something i'd be good at.
3.  i feel you in my heart and i don't even know you.
4.  i felt you in my life before ever i thought to.

songs that i also love (by them):

1.  love type thing.
2.  living room.
3.  where did the good go?
4.  and darling.
5.  i know i know i know.
6.  this is everything.
7.  all of the covers they have done.  (eg.  rebel rebel, dancing in the dark, umbrella).
(... this list was a tough one.  i pretty much love their songs).

love keiko

week in short

what a week.
no sleep.
awkward situations.
an unshakable feeling.
no motivation.
no sleep.
no sleep.
awkward situations galore.
tired. frustrated. annoyed.

lets hope this next week is cheery and sunny!



my top 5 this week is gonna be weak.
cauuuuse i didnt really listen to much this week.
sorry...i dropped the ball as it were.

1) body of years - mother mother
2) call it off - tegan and sara
3) nineteen - tegan and sara
4) 21 questions - 50 cent
5) hot n' cold (lfmao electro remix) - katy perry


Sunday, May 24, 2009

jon and kate season premier tomorrow night! who is excited?! i am! 

too bad i work until close tomorrow night =(

love keiko.


one thing better than mini cupcakes = free mini cupcake.  and sunshine, lots of sunshine.

love keiko.

my week in lists.

the weather has finally picked up, and it feels great!!  good weather can really turn a person's mood around.  too bad i have failed to find something to do today (yet).  so, i am going to make a list of highlights from my week.

1.  cupcakes!  whenever i hit up crave, i get a half dozen mini cupcakes, and eat one, and then my family devours the rest.  this time i left on a note on the top of the box that read "DO NOT EAT ALL OF MY CUPCAKES!!!" -  and not a single one was eaten without my permission, it was nice.

2.  bowling!  i seriously love bowling.  i am more of a wii bowler than a real life bowler, but bowling is still always a great time (as long as it is 10 pin).  i prefer wii bowling because i am really good at it, and am not so good at real life bowling.

3.  catching up with friends.

downfalls of the week?

1.  the ridiculous admission price at the zoo.

2.  getting all dressed up for a night out to a movie (the movie was great) and then to hifi.  only to wait in line for an hour, because shitty (not even well-dressed/trendy) boys cut in line - we gave up on that and went home.

3.  the bad mid-week weather.

here's to having a fantastic week ahead.

love keiko.

my five.

what? it is time for my weekly five already? this week went by really fast.

1.  i'm happy but you don't like me - asobi seksu
2.  part one - band of horses
3.  colourful life - cajun dance party
4.  soft shock - yeah yeah yeahs
5.  set yourself on fire - stars (montag mix)

love keiko.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

new york, i love you/ michael cera, i love you.

just another movie to add to the long list of movies to see.

also, i want to see year one.  so bad.  i can't wait for it.  a lot of that has to do with my huge celebrity crush on michael cera, but whatevs, it looks funny.

love keiko.

p.s.  i want to go to new york.

it's blitz.

where do i want to be right now???  sasquatch music festival.  i was pretty disappointed when i couldn't find anyone to go with (and when i failed to renew my passport in time - i even filled out the form, and got a shitty photo taken, i just have yet to send it in).

why do i want to be a sasquatch?  here is a list:  yeah yeah yeahs, animal collective, bon iver, devotchka, m. ward, ra ra riot, passion pit, mos def, the avett brothers, of montreal, m83, fleet foxes, gogol bordello, santigold, grizzly bear, blitzen trapper, bishop allen.  + a lot more, that i am not too familiar with.  + camping, and so much fun.

love keiko.

Friday, May 22, 2009

lily rhodes

i just want to say that i am excited that the gossip girl spinoff is happening.  why? because i love brittany snow, and in the valley girls episode i was actually really into lily's life in the 80's.

anyway, brittany snow.  i love american dreams! i love hairspray! ... and yeah, i kind of loved john tucker must die (movies like that = guilty pleasure, for sure).  so i have high hopes for the spinoff!

love keiko.

laugh out loud

i love to laugh.
i like to think i have a good sense of humour.
i think it may be a bit obscure however.

i was going to post some funny videos.
i couldn't decide which ones were best.
so instead im going to list some funny people.
please go look them up (youtube them).

1) mitch hedberg.
2) demetri martin.
3) barats and bereta.
4) jon lajoie.
5) russell peters.

they're not really in any order.
it depends on my mood really.
there are others i like to.
i just haven't listed them.
i love the lonely island too.
NONONONO to whatshisface dane cook.
he's okay, but steals jokes.
plus chapelle's funny...but whats new?
these guys are less known i think, but super awesome.


cam gigandet vs. the girls

i dunno why i found this so funny. honestly.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


oh.  another internet distraction for keiko & kaur.
i just signed us up for a account.


i am a big fan of cupcakes.  i think i have mentioned this before.  

one thing that will ruin my day everytime = going to crave cupcakes, and it being closed because they've run out for the day.  ugh.  this happens to me quite often.  kaur and i are planning on getting cupcakes tomorrow (sunday was a failure for us, crave was closed.  also, tuesday was a failure for me, crave was closed).  so, crave, you better be open for me tomorrow.

my number one favourite cupcake is the peppy pattie.  my number two favourite is lovely bunch of coconuts (it is number two because i have had much better coconut cupcakes then the ones from crave).  and of course, since i love all things mini, they have to be mini cupcakes - adorable!

omg.  i decided i needed to post a cute picture of a cupcake, so i googled "cupcakes" and was disappointed with the result.  so i googled "hello kitty cupcakes", and am now in heaven.  added to my to-do list is bake (mini) hello kitty cupcakes.

love keiko.

no woman no cry.

so, i am in need of a good game of scrabble.  it has been weeks (months?) since i have played against a human opponent.  scrabble on nintendo ds? it is fun and all, but it's nothing compared to a nice evening with sweet people and a real board with real tiles.  plus, level 6 on ds is too hard for me, and level 5 is too easy - so i am stuck (wtf, level 6? my computer opponent plays 7 letter word after 7 letter word!  i am not good with using all my tiles).  scrabble night (board game night) has officially been added to my to-do list.  

love keiko.
p.s.  i just copied my to-do list into my brand new little moleskin journal.  it felt good.

p.p.s.  the title of this blog post is bob marley because at work today, we listened to the bob marley/maroon 5 tape, and this song has been stuck in my head all night.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wild horses couldn't drag me away.

today's word is:

ps. i much prefer the wikipedia article on this word:
pps. this word of the day was inspired by calexico


hugh dancy. some other people. maybe to see.


500 days of summer

joseph gordon-levitt. zooey deschanel. want to see.



paul dano. zooey deschanel. want to see.


calm down.

i really am in a tegan and sara kick right now, and i am lovin' it.

i am loving the youtube vids of a podcast that they did (interface sessions).  the con, nineteen, dark come soon, back in your head.  i'll just post the con - but they are all ace (which means you better watch the rest on your own!).

love keiko.

p.s.  i am in love with sara quin.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

xoxo gossip girl.

5 of my thoughts on the gossip girl season finale:

1. ok, so, chuck and blair? i love them. at first i didn't think i would be a fan of these two. but i really, really, really love them. yes, the "i love you, too" scene was a little cheesy... with the traveling around the world to get all her favourite things. but how can you not smile at it? it is just so happy! this scene was definitely my favourite of the episode... while watching it, my sister and i both let out our "awwwwww" in unison. it took them long enough. it made me feel happy.

2. georgina! she is great. she is drama. i am stoked to see what she gets up to next season with blair. sometimes it is still hard for me not to see her as buffy's annoying kid sister, i was not a fan of dawn. at all. (yes, i love love love buffy the vampire slayer. yes, that makes me really cool).

3. serena... was kind of annoying. i do love blake lively, she is gorgeous. but serena just didn't stand out in this episode. why did she get SOOOO upset about the gg dig at the start?

4. i am kind of confused by how much jenny has changed over the course of the show. her style is out of control... compared to mid-season, even. but it was so nice (and suprising) of blair to choose her to be queen!

5. rufus and lily? ... umm did they get stoned before getting engaged? i didn't really follow that. long lost son of rufus and lily! this will be good!

love keiko.

p.s. season finales make me so sad. i dont want to have to wait until fall to see more.

to do.

1) get rid of this unshakable feeling.
2) get rid of this unshakable feeling.
3) get rid of this unshakable feeling.


Monday, May 18, 2009

movies. ovies. vies. ies. es. s.

so i meant to write a review for notorious.
instead im going to list the movies i want to watch.

i love you man
17 again
taking woodstock
where the wild things are

thats not all of them.
just the ones i thought of in the last five minutes.


maybe i would have been something you'd be good at.

i really did forget how much i love this song this year.  when the con first came out, i would listen to this song on repeat.  my sister was singing it while we were doing dishes just now, and now i am listening to it on repeat while cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

love keiko.

p.s.  i really like this live video of it.  and also, i am excited because i finally figured out how to centre the embedded videos! yes!  i feel proud, even though it is really really simple, and i should have been able to figure out much sooner.

p.p.s.  today we are blogging a lot, i hope you are enjoying it.

merry christmas! its not christmas at all.
however it was supposed to snow here today.
instead its raining which i much prefer.
however i started watching scrubs today.
which reminded me of the scrubs cast doing charlie brown's christmas.


in the time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

as ive likely mentioned before i love typography.
i found this one artist who uses a lot of block typefaces.
i kinda like it.


now and then.

since this was my childhood favourite movie, i think everyone should watch the trailer... and if you haven't seen the movie - go watch it. NOW. not only is this movie all about life long friendships and growing up... and has a sweet soundtrack. really, it does. in the summers of 1995-1998 we would go for bike rides and sing all the songs, and just love life. i probably could sing every word to every song on that soundtrack. my faves? signed sealed delivered, sugar sugar, band of gold, i'll be there, knock three times.

love keiko.


that twitter is basically kaur's.

so here is mine.

love keiko.

twit twat

i got us a twitter awhile ago.
i just started using it.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

a list.

here is my to-do list for the next few days/weeks.

1.  plan my birthday celebrations (i actually have a little while to get this done - just under a month, laser tag is a definite possibility)
2.  go to the zoo!
3.  use my new camera more/read the manual/figure out what i'm doing.
4.  finish the books that ive started reading (fear and loathing in las vegas, no one belongs here more than you, the curious case of the dog in the nighttime, bloodletting and other miraculous cures).
5.  shake this bizarre/annoying anxious feeling i've had for the past few days (why do i have this horrible feeling? no one knows, but it was speculated that it could be because i accidently smoked a cigarette, took herbal ecstasy pills, or smoked too much pot - none of which have i done, so it remains a mystery).
6.  go bowling! (this could easily be combined with number 1, but was done for last year's celebration).
7.  plan a summer trip.
8.  see 17 Again, (this is a priority).

love keiko.


keiko and kaur were talking about graffiti.
kaur was trying to tell a story about a rad graffiti artist.
it went sorta like this:
"there's this really sweet graffiti artist, i dont remeber his name, but he's got mad skills"
"good story..."
well i actually can't remember how the convo went at all.

anyways...introducing banksy!

see more at:


anderson & ellen

i love anderson cooper. from the mole to ac 360...he rocks. i also love ellen.
this may not be the funniest/greatest interview, but they are together so i will post it.


copycatcopycat truly just coping keiko nowadays.

playcount 1-10
1) skinny love - bon iver
2) time to pretend - mgmt
3) flume - bon iver
4) cape canaveral - conor oberst
5) glycerine - bush
6) tulips - bloc party
7) go on - jack johnson
8) forever - chris brown
9) blood bank - bon iver
10) flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine

(my 11th is another bon iver song - for emma)

mine is rather repetitive...i blame it on the fact that until january i had a 2gb ipod so i didn't have most of my songs that i listened to on my computer but just cd's rather. that and i listen to my ipod waaaaay more than itunes so the songs i listen to most aren't accurately represented...however to be fair i listened to bon iver tonsss. i would have figured more mgmt, the dears, fleet foxes, t.i, kanye west, and iron & wine to be on there though.


that time of the week again...

umm...ive been rather lazy lately, so instead of looking at new music i've retreated to the radio and some old faves.

1) bones of man - chad vangaalen
2) shorty wanna be a thug - tupac
3) zero - yeah yeah yeahs
4) hypnotize - notorious b.i.g.
5) ballad of hugo chavez - arkells



Okay, so, I just clicked sort by play count on my itunes, and was kind of suprised by my most played songs.  I guess it is partly because I had to buy a new macbook in september, so everything started over again.  I also have been listening to my ipod a lot more this year.  Anyway,  here is the list:

1.  L.E.S. Artistes - Santigold (I found that whole letter change thing confusing - and I like the letter O so I like Santogold better)
2.  Born on the FM Waves of the Hearts - Against Me! ft.  Tegan Quin
3.  Whatever You Like - T.I.
4.  Time to Pretend - MGMT
5.  Ce Jeu - Yelle
6.  Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell
7.  What's Your Name - Usher ft. Will.I.Am

(i expected 1 to be one of my all time favourite songs!!!!).
(I like 3+6+7, but in no way would I say that they are any of my favourite songs).

I know that before my last macbook died (oh shit, I wanted to write "R.I.P. ______" but am blanking on what her name was), basically all my top played songs were Tegan and Sara, M.I.A, Broken Social Scene, and the Spice Girls.  Now Tegan and Sara don't appear until #23 (Call It Off, which is so suprising! I could easily say that this is one of my all time favourite songs), and I don't even want to count down to where the others appear.  weird.

love keiko.

time for five.

ive been pretty into trying to find new music all the time lately, but this week was all about past favourite songs (which means a lot of tegan and sara, so i have two number one songs).

1.  call it off - tegan and sara
1.  not tonight - tegan and sara
2.  first day of my life - bright eyes
3.  swimmers - broken social scene
4.  sweepstakes prize - mirah
5.  burn 2 ash - chad vangaalen

love keiko.


when i heard mariah carey was going to be acting again i laughed...when i heard the movie was called precious i laughed again. however i was definitely not aware of what the movie was going to be about or the book it was based on, so forgive me cause this movie looks intense.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

love this.

1.  i have a weird love for jesse mccartney.  seriously, he is great.  it is kind of like my love for kelly clarkson (only a little less cool, i think).
2.  i was pretty stoked when i found out he is on the (not good) show Greek - i watched it before, but it's better now with jesse.
3.  i started watching Summerland last summer because he was on it (but it was so terrible i couldn't handle it)
4.  leaving' was my number one favourite song last summer, i was slightly embarrassed about it, but have come to embrace my love for him.
5.  ive never purchased a jesse mccartney cd before, but i planned on buying one today... but then i thought i lost my blackberry/got sidetracked by starbucks/bought books instead.

love keiko.


i just want to say that all this jon and kate scandal news makes me so sad.  all i want to do is have a nice jon and kate plus 8 marathon and think about how alexis is my fave, "aww".

love keiko.

Friday, May 15, 2009

umm umm

im also i thought i would partake. though mine is rather uninteresting.

1. so, what did you do all day?: rug shopped, worked.
2. what is the most expensive thing you've bought recently? my burton g-twin & lexa bindings.
3. last concert (or show) you attended: bloc party (not the same one as keiko).
4. describe your favorite artical of clothing: seafoam green cotton 'you got dropped' t.
10. what was the last board game you played?: scrabble.
11. who won?: can't recall.
14. last movie you watched at home: notorious cause im a gangster.
16. what was the last thing you created: my drawing of 'ugly duck and frustrated leaves' at work for maddie...but in all seriousness its been far too long since i created anything worth talking about.
17. are you reading any books right now?: the brief wonderous life of oscar wao
18. do you remember your favorite book from childhood?: where the wild things are & the giving tree
30. last new artist that you listened to and really liked: asher roth is alright
31. last new one you hated: i don't 'hate' many...but prolly something off the radio such as ummm that one with hannah montana's brother?
41. what was the last free thing you've gotten?: tickets to the laugh shop?



at first i wanted this blog to be kind of impersonal, just about things i think are dope/ things that i hate.  but right now i am incredibly bored, and have nothing better to do except this lamo survey thing (i selected only some questions to answer, and then had nowhere to post it, i try to keep my facebook minimal - no notes... so i am putting it here), maybe you will feel like you know me better.

1. So, what did you do all day?: worked, ate at earls for really cheap (free $5 gift card, and kids chicken tenders), watched the greys finale (and maybe cried a little), "twittered".
2. What is the most expensive thing you've bought recently? my most recent expensive purchase was two months ago, my digital slr.  my actual last purchase was super cheap, 3 pairs of flipflops for $10.
3. Last concert (or show) you attended: bloc party.
4. Describe your favorite artical of clothing: at the moment, i would say my white "boyfriend" style button up shirt.
6. Last video game played: SCRABBLE ON DS.
10. What was the last board game you played?: scrabble
11. Who won?: definitely me.
14. Last movie you watched at home: Notorious, with kaur, so expect some sort of review sometime soonish.
16. What was the last thing you created: i am working on a painting for a friend, of a jellyfish takeover.  but since that is incomplete - "blake and taryn's infinite playlist volume I" for a friend, with a super cute case an everything.
17. Are you reading any books right now?: bloodletting and other miraculous cures, no one belongs here more than you, and shortcomings.  well, i finished shortcomings, but i figured i would include it since it was on my list of books to read.
18. Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?: one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish - still have most of that book memorized.  (also: every robert munsch book)
30. Last new artist that you listened to and really liked: tender forever, i believe was the last new band i started listening to.
31. Last new one you hated: kings of leon.  ok, i dont actually hate them, but i just cant seem to get into them, at all.  but, ive only ever heard one song, so yeah.
41. What was the last free thing you've gotten?: free $5 gift cards for earls.

not exciting, but it'll have to do.

love keiko.

learn to drive. fullstop.

things i dislike when driving:
- people who don't wave (thank you) for letting them into your lane
- people who don't stop for pedestrians
- people who text while driving


Thursday, May 14, 2009

eff you.

just an update on the status hatin'.

it sucks big time logging onto facebook and the number one thing on your news feeds ruins the season finale of greys for you.  

love keiko.

um twitter?

i signed up for a twitter account today.  i have no idea why.  i hate status updates on facebook, and twitter is basically just nonstop status updates.  (note: i made a facebook status about getting twitter).  anyway, i think i need someone to convince me why twitter=awesome, because i just don't get it.  also, "following" someone is difficult, how do you know it's legit for celebrity ones.

but i also don't really understand myspace.  

i guess im just a facebook kind of girl.

love keiko.

p.s. twitter

Monday, May 11, 2009

hot and cold.

i like the justjared interview with katy perry.  first thing she says: 

"KP: Hi! I love your site so much! You’re the man because you show good pictures and you’re not trashing people’s lives and making people cry! You’re a nice guy, I like that. You’re trying to change the idea of media. It’s cool."

i take that as a diss to perez.

1.  GOOD pictures. (perez doesn't have, ever)
2.  NOT trashing people's lives. (pretty much the only thing perez does)

love keiko.

p.s. i secretly love katy perry.