Friday, May 15, 2009

umm umm

im also i thought i would partake. though mine is rather uninteresting.

1. so, what did you do all day?: rug shopped, worked.
2. what is the most expensive thing you've bought recently? my burton g-twin & lexa bindings.
3. last concert (or show) you attended: bloc party (not the same one as keiko).
4. describe your favorite artical of clothing: seafoam green cotton 'you got dropped' t.
10. what was the last board game you played?: scrabble.
11. who won?: can't recall.
14. last movie you watched at home: notorious cause im a gangster.
16. what was the last thing you created: my drawing of 'ugly duck and frustrated leaves' at work for maddie...but in all seriousness its been far too long since i created anything worth talking about.
17. are you reading any books right now?: the brief wonderous life of oscar wao
18. do you remember your favorite book from childhood?: where the wild things are & the giving tree
30. last new artist that you listened to and really liked: asher roth is alright
31. last new one you hated: i don't 'hate' many...but prolly something off the radio such as ummm that one with hannah montana's brother?
41. what was the last free thing you've gotten?: tickets to the laugh shop?


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