Saturday, May 16, 2009

love this.

1.  i have a weird love for jesse mccartney.  seriously, he is great.  it is kind of like my love for kelly clarkson (only a little less cool, i think).
2.  i was pretty stoked when i found out he is on the (not good) show Greek - i watched it before, but it's better now with jesse.
3.  i started watching Summerland last summer because he was on it (but it was so terrible i couldn't handle it)
4.  leaving' was my number one favourite song last summer, i was slightly embarrassed about it, but have come to embrace my love for him.
5.  ive never purchased a jesse mccartney cd before, but i planned on buying one today... but then i thought i lost my blackberry/got sidetracked by starbucks/bought books instead.

love keiko.

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