Friday, May 15, 2009


at first i wanted this blog to be kind of impersonal, just about things i think are dope/ things that i hate.  but right now i am incredibly bored, and have nothing better to do except this lamo survey thing (i selected only some questions to answer, and then had nowhere to post it, i try to keep my facebook minimal - no notes... so i am putting it here), maybe you will feel like you know me better.

1. So, what did you do all day?: worked, ate at earls for really cheap (free $5 gift card, and kids chicken tenders), watched the greys finale (and maybe cried a little), "twittered".
2. What is the most expensive thing you've bought recently? my most recent expensive purchase was two months ago, my digital slr.  my actual last purchase was super cheap, 3 pairs of flipflops for $10.
3. Last concert (or show) you attended: bloc party.
4. Describe your favorite artical of clothing: at the moment, i would say my white "boyfriend" style button up shirt.
6. Last video game played: SCRABBLE ON DS.
10. What was the last board game you played?: scrabble
11. Who won?: definitely me.
14. Last movie you watched at home: Notorious, with kaur, so expect some sort of review sometime soonish.
16. What was the last thing you created: i am working on a painting for a friend, of a jellyfish takeover.  but since that is incomplete - "blake and taryn's infinite playlist volume I" for a friend, with a super cute case an everything.
17. Are you reading any books right now?: bloodletting and other miraculous cures, no one belongs here more than you, and shortcomings.  well, i finished shortcomings, but i figured i would include it since it was on my list of books to read.
18. Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?: one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish - still have most of that book memorized.  (also: every robert munsch book)
30. Last new artist that you listened to and really liked: tender forever, i believe was the last new band i started listening to.
31. Last new one you hated: kings of leon.  ok, i dont actually hate them, but i just cant seem to get into them, at all.  but, ive only ever heard one song, so yeah.
41. What was the last free thing you've gotten?: free $5 gift cards for earls.

not exciting, but it'll have to do.

love keiko.

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