Sunday, May 17, 2009

copycatcopycat truly just coping keiko nowadays.

playcount 1-10
1) skinny love - bon iver
2) time to pretend - mgmt
3) flume - bon iver
4) cape canaveral - conor oberst
5) glycerine - bush
6) tulips - bloc party
7) go on - jack johnson
8) forever - chris brown
9) blood bank - bon iver
10) flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine

(my 11th is another bon iver song - for emma)

mine is rather repetitive...i blame it on the fact that until january i had a 2gb ipod so i didn't have most of my songs that i listened to on my computer but just cd's rather. that and i listen to my ipod waaaaay more than itunes so the songs i listen to most aren't accurately represented...however to be fair i listened to bon iver tonsss. i would have figured more mgmt, the dears, fleet foxes, t.i, kanye west, and iron & wine to be on there though.


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