Thursday, May 7, 2009


it has been four days since i last made a post, i've been slacking, i'm sorry.

this is just going to be a movie review.


i can't believe i waited this long to watch it!  when i heard it about last year i was super stoke, i mean amy poehler? tina fey? that's all you need to know and it sounds amazing.  but i just never got around to seeing it in theatres, and then someone told me it sucked (and for some reason i believed them).  this movie does not suck! it is hilarious! ok, so, yes it is "formulaic" and kind of predictable, but that doesn't matter... it is a romantic comedy, and every romantic comedy i have ever seen is formulaic and predictable.  it could have been better, but that doesn't mean it wasn't awesome.  this movie is great simply because of tina and amy and their chemistry, and they are just so adorable, and so funny.  go see this, please. 

love keiko 
(i am kind of in love with tina fey, so maybe i am slightly biased in my love for this movie)

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