Tuesday, May 19, 2009

xoxo gossip girl.

5 of my thoughts on the gossip girl season finale:

1. ok, so, chuck and blair? i love them. at first i didn't think i would be a fan of these two. but i really, really, really love them. yes, the "i love you, too" scene was a little cheesy... with the traveling around the world to get all her favourite things. but how can you not smile at it? it is just so happy! this scene was definitely my favourite of the episode... while watching it, my sister and i both let out our "awwwwww" in unison. it took them long enough. it made me feel happy.

2. georgina! she is great. she is drama. i am stoked to see what she gets up to next season with blair. sometimes it is still hard for me not to see her as buffy's annoying kid sister, i was not a fan of dawn. at all. (yes, i love love love buffy the vampire slayer. yes, that makes me really cool).

3. serena... was kind of annoying. i do love blake lively, she is gorgeous. but serena just didn't stand out in this episode. why did she get SOOOO upset about the gg dig at the start?

4. i am kind of confused by how much jenny has changed over the course of the show. her style is out of control... compared to mid-season, even. but it was so nice (and suprising) of blair to choose her to be queen!

5. rufus and lily? ... umm did they get stoned before getting engaged? i didn't really follow that. long lost son of rufus and lily! this will be good!

love keiko.

p.s. season finales make me so sad. i dont want to have to wait until fall to see more.

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