Thursday, May 21, 2009


i am a big fan of cupcakes.  i think i have mentioned this before.  

one thing that will ruin my day everytime = going to crave cupcakes, and it being closed because they've run out for the day.  ugh.  this happens to me quite often.  kaur and i are planning on getting cupcakes tomorrow (sunday was a failure for us, crave was closed.  also, tuesday was a failure for me, crave was closed).  so, crave, you better be open for me tomorrow.

my number one favourite cupcake is the peppy pattie.  my number two favourite is lovely bunch of coconuts (it is number two because i have had much better coconut cupcakes then the ones from crave).  and of course, since i love all things mini, they have to be mini cupcakes - adorable!

omg.  i decided i needed to post a cute picture of a cupcake, so i googled "cupcakes" and was disappointed with the result.  so i googled "hello kitty cupcakes", and am now in heaven.  added to my to-do list is bake (mini) hello kitty cupcakes.

love keiko.

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