Sunday, May 17, 2009

a list.

here is my to-do list for the next few days/weeks.

1.  plan my birthday celebrations (i actually have a little while to get this done - just under a month, laser tag is a definite possibility)
2.  go to the zoo!
3.  use my new camera more/read the manual/figure out what i'm doing.
4.  finish the books that ive started reading (fear and loathing in las vegas, no one belongs here more than you, the curious case of the dog in the nighttime, bloodletting and other miraculous cures).
5.  shake this bizarre/annoying anxious feeling i've had for the past few days (why do i have this horrible feeling? no one knows, but it was speculated that it could be because i accidently smoked a cigarette, took herbal ecstasy pills, or smoked too much pot - none of which have i done, so it remains a mystery).
6.  go bowling! (this could easily be combined with number 1, but was done for last year's celebration).
7.  plan a summer trip.
8.  see 17 Again, (this is a priority).

love keiko.

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