Saturday, May 9, 2009


so, lately i haven't been keeping up with, at all.  im over perez.  right now im all about justjared, he is more low-key not annoying, and has tons of pictures... which is all that matters (and he doesn't draw stupid immature penises and comments all over them).  that being said, im bored and just read a couple pages of perez, and all this shit about jon and kate makes me sad.  especially on perez, because he is an idiot.  his latest post is called "kate gosselin disses husband jon - on tv!"  why does this make him and idiot?  because she doesn't diss him.  i have made a list why his post is stupid.

1.  kate hasn't been making the rounds to share her opinion on the affair rumour.  she has been making the rounds to all the media outlets because she is promoting her new book!  it just happens to be at the same time as all this shit.

2.  "he is dealing very poorly with it."  is that a diss?  i dont think so.  especially since in the season finale he even says himself he's not dealing well with the whole celebrity thing.

3.  him not dealing well doesn't equal him being a tool, or not realizing that people will recognize him for being on tv.  not dealing well = he doesn't want it, and doesn't want to have to change his life for it... he explains it in the finale.  

p.s.  i am addicted to jon and kate plus 8, and i think this whole alleged affair is total bullshit.

love keiko

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