Saturday, May 23, 2009

it's blitz.

where do i want to be right now???  sasquatch music festival.  i was pretty disappointed when i couldn't find anyone to go with (and when i failed to renew my passport in time - i even filled out the form, and got a shitty photo taken, i just have yet to send it in).

why do i want to be a sasquatch?  here is a list:  yeah yeah yeahs, animal collective, bon iver, devotchka, m. ward, ra ra riot, passion pit, mos def, the avett brothers, of montreal, m83, fleet foxes, gogol bordello, santigold, grizzly bear, blitzen trapper, bishop allen.  + a lot more, that i am not too familiar with.  + camping, and so much fun.

love keiko.

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