Sunday, May 24, 2009

my week in lists.

the weather has finally picked up, and it feels great!!  good weather can really turn a person's mood around.  too bad i have failed to find something to do today (yet).  so, i am going to make a list of highlights from my week.

1.  cupcakes!  whenever i hit up crave, i get a half dozen mini cupcakes, and eat one, and then my family devours the rest.  this time i left on a note on the top of the box that read "DO NOT EAT ALL OF MY CUPCAKES!!!" -  and not a single one was eaten without my permission, it was nice.

2.  bowling!  i seriously love bowling.  i am more of a wii bowler than a real life bowler, but bowling is still always a great time (as long as it is 10 pin).  i prefer wii bowling because i am really good at it, and am not so good at real life bowling.

3.  catching up with friends.

downfalls of the week?

1.  the ridiculous admission price at the zoo.

2.  getting all dressed up for a night out to a movie (the movie was great) and then to hifi.  only to wait in line for an hour, because shitty (not even well-dressed/trendy) boys cut in line - we gave up on that and went home.

3.  the bad mid-week weather.

here's to having a fantastic week ahead.

love keiko.

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