Saturday, May 2, 2009

rediculous vs. ridiculous.

i would just like to note that the top ten most overused words in canada = my top ten over used words (minus bitch, i don't say that too much, but you could add totally).  my number one would be "like," my number two would be "seriously," and number three would probably be "rIdiculous" (yes, i purposely capitalized that I...).  i thought maybe ridiculous had two possible spelling variations (i've noticed lately that SO many people spell it with an e), so i googled it - and no, it doesnt.  and then i googled "rediculous is ridiculous" and came across a whole website, (it isn't a cool website or anything, when you google it you can find other better/funnier articles written about the spelling).

p.s. i know when kaur introduced me on this blog, she said that if something is not spelled correctly i won't read it.  that's a lie, i will read it (i do take note of it though, and usually don't say anything)... but i often make spelling mistakes so i can't be too hard a person.

love keiko.

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