Friday, May 22, 2009

laugh out loud

i love to laugh.
i like to think i have a good sense of humour.
i think it may be a bit obscure however.

i was going to post some funny videos.
i couldn't decide which ones were best.
so instead im going to list some funny people.
please go look them up (youtube them).

1) mitch hedberg.
2) demetri martin.
3) barats and bereta.
4) jon lajoie.
5) russell peters.

they're not really in any order.
it depends on my mood really.
there are others i like to.
i just haven't listed them.
i love the lonely island too.
NONONONO to whatshisface dane cook.
he's okay, but steals jokes.
plus chapelle's funny...but whats new?
these guys are less known i think, but super awesome.


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