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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


do you remember dream street?

i vaguely remember being aware of them back in my pre-teen years.  anyway, i was youtubing jesse mccartney, and came across some dream street videos.  hilarious!!! i decided that this ist the one boy band that i really don't get.  i mean, they look like babies, and are dancing around thinking they are so hot.  their average age when the band formed was 14.5 (with jesse the youngest - 13)!!!  after finding this out i researched 'n sync for a little while, and their average age when they formed was 18 (justin was the youngest, at 14), so of course i had to do BSB too - 17.5 (nick was the youngest, and was 13).  so then i thought that 'n sync and bsb were the weird ones because they the age discrepancies (kevin in bsb and chris in 'nsync were both 22...), i seriously think it's weird that they are like 10 years older then the youngest group members; and dream street their ages are all within 2 years of each other!  so then i decided that dream street made the most sense, since they are close in age, and that should be more acceptable for some reason.

and then i started to wonder why this became such a big deal to me, and decided to just sat back and enjoyed some mighty fine boy band videos.

at first i was going to post a dream street vid, but it's weird.  so i am posting some 'n sync (they were, by far, my boy band of choice).

love keiko

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my thoughts were so loud I couldn't hear my mouth.

when i study i listen to music. i find that each semester my studying music changes
first semester first year - lightspeed champion, dj shadow, and ratatat
second semester first year - mgmt and iron & wine
first semester second year - bon iver, fleet foxes, and the dears
second semester second year - a mix of everything...?
alas the study soundtrack is as abstract as notorious b.i.g. to sublime and califone
however i have found that certain songs have been on repeat more than others
example: the world at large by modest mouse
which in turn brings me to the reason for this post...
how awesome is 'good news for people who love bads news'?
i loved it when it first came out but only now have i rediscovered it
float on was obviously a huge hit, but the album as a whole is quite brilliant
i'm not sure what is is
its accessible with catchy songs like float on but there is something very somber about it
irregardless...its really hitting home right now
everybody' outta listen to it


Monday, April 27, 2009

baby names.

so, back in september i bought a new car... and ever since have been stumped for naming her (yes her, everything that i own ends up with a girl name).  i've had numerous suggestions, and nothing fit.  (we need a bit of a back story here. you need to know that my old car's name was molly, and it was a perfect fit, no name has ever fit a car better. she was a beautiful weird greenish-aquaish-sky blue '91 jetta, and was just molly, so i was set on finding a name just as perfect).  and then today, after discussing names with someone new, i finally landed on one. 


i figure it's a good one because i am alllll about zooey deschanel, and zooey is just a rad name.  now i don't think it's quite as good as molly, but i think my car will grow into her new name nicely.  zooey, my "velocity red" mazda3.

love keiko


every couple of weeks i get an itch to spend money, a really intense one.  and then i feel really anxious until i go shopping.  it's really annoying, and kind of a big waste of money (not actually, because i usually do get things  that i really, really want/need).  or sometimes i get an idea of something i want to purchase, and then i become obsessed, and then i HAVE to buy it.  anyway, this post is just about things that i want/have recently purchased.

1.  Dslr camera.  so far, not a smart purchase... i lost the battery charger, so i haven't really had a chance to use it (i;m sure once i get my hands on that charger i'll be loving it).  this one, i got the idea in my head that i wanted to get into photography... and then over a week that idea grew and took over my life! all i did was research entry-level dslrs.  so i found a pretty great deal and went ahead and bought it.  i felt really good after buying it - my student line of credit didn't feel quite so good.  

2.  a new pair of chuck taylor's (not hightops).  i bought these today.  my last pair lasted me five years (!!) and really could go for a while more (i did go about two years without wearing them at all), but the girl sitting next to me in my "rocks for jocks" final had a nice pair of just classic black and white ones that had that were at that perfect point of being worn in- and i HAD to get a pair.

3.  a new bag.  my nice simple, black leather lucky brand bag's stitching is starting to pull out.  and i don't really like my michael corr's one anymore (and my mom's been using it for the past couple months).  so i did some looking around for an affordable one.. and found a pretty cool one from urban outfitters (for only $60!!!).  this one (my sister is buying it for me tomorrow):

4.  right now, i am trying to fight the temptation to buy some sweet t-shirts online.  i am going to wait a do a separate post on this one brand that i am pretty stoked on right now.  but it would make me really happy if someone would by this shirt from (emily storey=awesome):

5.  this one isn't really something i bought... but i went to see monsters vs. aliens in imax!! for only $2 more you can upgrade the normal 3D one to the totally awesome imax experience!  i loved this! the movie was cute, funny, and the voices were really well casted (seth rogen as bob? YES).  the only downside was that the imax glasses were a pain to wear over my real glasses (i don't have nay trouble with the cheapo normal 3d ones they have now).  

love keiko.

today i:

made a twitter account...i still don't get it.
was indifferent about hockey.
listened to a lot of beck.
started listening to song lyrics more.
said i was high maintenance...i'm not.
found out im not playing soccer for the first time in 20 seasons.
drank too much tea.
ate too much bread.
read chester french's blog.
hated on the weather.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

two eyes and two ears is never enough.

i don't watch all that much tv. i have a few shows i'm loyal to but other than that i'm pretty indifferent to the good ole tube. one exception: mtv rules. or at least it did in the past. i miss the glory days of mtv.

1) laguna beach = best show on mtv
hands down so classic. back when lauren was known as lc, stephen colletti was not a beefcake, kristin ran show and everyday was a fashion show laguna beach was top notch. the first/second season were prime. i still watch it online for kicks - i seriously loved this show. the spinoff - the hills, and the spinoff to the spinoff 'the city' just don't hit home like laguna beach did. maybe its cause there's no beaches, no kristin/stephen/lc love triangles or maybe its just that they're just too contrived now. irregardless...laguna beach is missed.

2) 8th and ocean = who doesn't wanna watch beautiful people living in south beach?
its simplex. young good looking people kickin it up in florida. there's nothing wrong with this concept. i still don't know why it only lasted 10 episodes...which i also recently watched again. where are these people now? i wanna know!!!

3) my super sweet sixteen = over the top, overdone, and over
this show is guilty of allowing kids to be spoiled everywhere however it was pretty rediculous how over the top the parties were. themes, celebrities, cars, and meltdowns were aplenty...and after awhile it was a little repetitive. still good stuff though.

4) made = one hour of wholesome goodness
alright...this was actually a cool concept, except that more than half the shows were about girls/guys wanting to be made into 'popular' kids byway of beauty queens, prom queens, cheerleaders, mackdaddys, football players, and dancers. one that did stand out was where a guy wanted to be made into a figure skater...sweeeet.

5) dancelife
dancelife was so good. that is all.

honourable mentions: life of ryan/run's house/engaged and underaged/room raider's/etc.
i basically listed off a bunch of shows that i used to watch...i would add more but i can't remember their names. basically...mtv rocked. now its losing its focus with lamo aftershows and all the contrived spinoffs. i'm ready for some new concepts and wicked sweet shows.

how aboutttt: 'you got dropped'?
ultimate revenge. totally mtv's style. lets hook people up. take them somewhere public...then have on of them break up with the other. with people in on the joke surrounding them saying 'you got dropped'. i got great ideas for music and everything...



why do shampoo bottles open at the top and conditioner bottles open at the bottom?
how many perfumes smell the same, but we don't notice 'cause there are too many of them?
i want a gnome. where do i get one?
when someone uses the term whenever. when is whenever? should i know this?
how do you become a hallmark card writer?
if you're super nice all the you have the right to be extra mean once and awhile?
craigie hall = poor planning? (one set of doors is push, the next is pull, then push, then pull)


gnome? or gno gnome?

this may be old news...but this never fails to entertain. there's nothing scarier than a roving gnome. apparently argentina was overcome by gnome sightings in the last couple of years. its kinda funny...

the video isn't great quality...but this is off an actual news report oddly enough.



this week i totally had a good top ten. cutting it to five was tough.

1) i'll believe in anything - wolf parade
2) farewell transmission - songs: ohia
3) the 59 sound (acoustic) - brian fallon of gaslight anthem
4) to be alone with you - sufjan stevens
5) freedom (part 2) - the beautiful girls



this is a movie review.

Yes Man, D+

I first typed "F" because i hated this movie, and then typed "D" to not be so harsh... and then added the plus because i remembered how adorable zooey was (and i really liked her character).

okay, the story is all about the power of "yes", and having the ability to change your life (by saying yes to everything..).  i thought it was pretty dumb.

okay, so, ever since i saw the trailer for the first time, i had absolutely NO desire to see this.  but a coworker of mine said that she had no desire to see it, but her roommates put it on and she watched it, and enjoyed it.  so i thought "what the heck? lets give it a try."  WHAT A MISTAKE, i hate jim carrey (okay, sometimes he's alright - his old school comedies like dumb and dumber=pretty funny, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, and i did like liar liar).  anyway, i thought maybe this wouldn't be so bad - i mean, zooey is in it, that should be reason enough.  we popped in it, and right off the bat i was miserable, jim carrey just is not funny, not at all, he is actually really really annoying (through the WHOLE movie).  i think i could have enjoyed the movie with a different actor.  he just didn't make any sense to me, his friend's were cool (and a lot younger than him), zooey is the cutest and coolest girl (and a lot younger, and way more attractive).  
some parts i really hated:
1.  he saved a guy from committing suicide by grabbing a guitar and singing a song.  not funny.
2.  the whole, airport security+terrorist thing.. and the persian wife thing.
3.  him planning the "bridal shower"... which ended up just being an engagement party (?)
4.  how he "said" yes to things that weren't even questions! like reading a flyer and then having to do whatever the flyer said.
5.  the part with the old lady neighbor? completely unnecessary! and disgusting, wtf.  like, the kind of disgusting that i couldn't find any humour in.

i did like some parts:
1.  zooey's, or i guess Allison's, ridiculous band.
2.  her helmet.. and vespa.
3.  her running photography club
4.  the harry potter party... or just the guy in the corner dressed as dobby.
5.  when Allison leaves him (which leads me to another terrible part, when they get back together).

so, yeah, i hated this movie.  jim carrey is so tired, he tried too hard, and just didn't cut it.

love keiko.


so, here's my top five.  

1.  black and gold - katy perry (sam sparro, originally)
2.  two ways - the 1900s
3.  mal poli - yelle (i am really into yelle at the moment)
4.  blister in the sun - the violent femmes
5.  you really got a hold on me - she & him

right now, my fave song is #5 on the list.  i love it, a lot.  so much i am going to share this youtube vid of them performing it...

love keiko.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

nobody's first...and you're next.

i dislike the word uber and if you say it...i will not say anything but will take note.
i feel as though 'random' is overused and i dont use it. i dislike people who use it.
i will not look at any albums on facebook called 'random' or any variation of it.
i wish i had better balance.
i drank ginger ale today and i liked it.
i like writing on my hand. i like fonts. i like experimenting with fonts on my hand.
i find it odd that my black marker turned purple on my hand.
i only really like black pens.
i think modest mouse has fantastic album titles.
i love songs:ohia. jason molina has a beautiful voice. ive said this before...but i love it.
i hope im not the only one that thinks brian fallon's voice is similar to brandon flowers'.
i pretty much will enjoy an acoustic version of any song.

that is all for now.


Friday, April 24, 2009

um myspace?

so, rather than focus on studying for my final tomorrow, i joined myspace.  i figured it is a good thing to have, or could be a good thing to have (i haven't decided yet).  i am also feeling overwhelmed.  i was a myspace user when i was 16, and myspace has changed since then.  it took me a good 2 hours (or 17 tries) to make a decent looking layout (with the "simple" advanced customizer), after every time i managed to create something i was happy with it would just disappear! i nearly gave up and was going to settle with a lamo "theme" layout - not cool.  anyway, now that we have our myspace page, we're at a loss of what to do.  but it was a nice (albeit confusing/frustrating/annoying) distraction from my Sociology of Work textbook.  i felt oddly satisfied once i figured it all out, and it did what i wanted it to do.

i promise that once we figure out what myspace is all about, it's going to be great.  really great.

so, i guess.. if you have myspace, add us? 



love keiko.

live @ the apple store.

i wish that every apple store was like this:

 (Ste-Catherine in Montreal)

that way every apple store would host "________, live at the apple store."  Coming up at the montreal apple store is peter bjorn and john, the bell orchestre, and not long ago metric played there.  not my fave bands, but all are pretty decent (i used to be a HUGE metric fan back in high school) (i tried to google who else has played there, and failed).  i love apple, and i love live music, so together it can only equal greatness.

love keiko

p.s.  why does calgary have to have a shitty mall apple store?

stop it, storm.

make sure you keep an eye out for that gaythering storm.

it's not the funniest, but i like it.  i think that liz feldman is hilarious, and she wrote it.

i also like rachel maddow, and this clip of her thoughts on the storm...

love keiko.

p.s. so this isn't too much of a video overload, go check out the original video of the storm 
for yourself.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

copycat, keiko.

so, that david after dentist (or "stoned kid after dentist") was my fave youtube video for months.  anyway, this post is going to copy kaur (a little bit), because i need a break from studying, and because i like lists.  so, i am listing actresses that have, at some point in my lifetime, been my fave.  in no particular order.

1.  katie holmes.  (joey on dawson's creek was the best!!! i wish she was still joey.  also, she shares her birthday with my mom, and when i was 11 that was how i remembered my mom's birthday... i believe i learned this in my first issue of "twist" magazine - which in my early teen years was my magazine of choice)
2.  keira knightly and parminder nagra.  (so so cool in bend in like beckham, sometimes i still love keira)
3.  mara wilson.  (matilda!.. i also loved miss. honey, she was just soo nice)
4.  mary-kate olsen.  (she was my fave! ashley was my sister's.. because i was the tomboy and she was the girly one (just like them).  they have the same birthday as me.  my sister and i grew up on these girls, we called fullhouse the "michelle show" for years)
5.  alyson hannigan.  (back in my intense buffy fan days, willow was my fave)
6.  claire danes.  (my so-called life, enough said)
7.  lindsay lohan.  (i still love her.  parent trap? so awesome! mean girls? even better)
8.  natalie portman.  (i don't think i need to give a reason.  even when i was 12 i thought she was sweet)
9.  melissa joan hart.  (TGIF, sabrina was solid show in that lineup)
10.  Brittany Ashton Holmes.  (i defs had to look this one up, she was darla in the 1994 version of the little rascals.  my sister and i were all about little rascals)

love keiko.

david after dentist.

this video has 19,362,114 views. the wonders of youtube.


the unexamined life is not worth living man.



actors not actresses.

im procrastinating and wanting to make a list.

these are some of my favourite actors in no specific order:

1) emile hirsch
2) paul rudd
3) dustin hoffman
4) james franco
5) robert downey jr.
6) ryan gosling
7) steve carrell
8) lou taylor pucci
9) gael garcia bernal
10) jason bateman

this is by no means a comprehensive list...just the first couple i could type. im sure ill write another list soon enough.


trix are for kids.

i love cereal.
not so much for breakfast, but at any other time of the day its superb.
i thought i was so smart for coming up with the idea of a cereal food establishment.
one where you go in and can eat any type of cereal you like.
one where you can mix cereals and add toppings.
one where all they serve is cereal all day long.
so much for my originality.
apparently cereal bars are opening all over the place.
lucky kids.
i cannot wait for someone to open one in calgary.
come on...somebody step up please...
i'd be there all the time!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

demetri. me tried.



Monday, April 20, 2009

never had nobody like you. so with keiko here. i do love zooey a lot! she's just so darn adorable and i like her music stuffs too...for those of you who are outta the loop you may find it interesting that zooey is engaged to ben gibbard of death cab for cutie and the postal service fame. that is like an indie music lovers version of a royal family...sorta. you should definitely check out she & him, a collaboration between zooey deschanel and m. ward whom she met on the set of the go-getter. which reminds me...m. ward is a genius so check out his solo stuff too!

anyways other than proclaiming my adoration for zooey deschanel i wanted to give a quick movie review for a movie she starred in and i watched a few months ago...the go-getter!

the go-getter: a -
so let me start off with a list
a) i love lou taylor pucci
b) i love zooey deschanel and jena malone
c) i love m. ward, the black keys and elliott smith
d) i love road trips/road trip movies

now that you know that...i can say that those factors alone made me go in with a bias. even if it was the worst movie ever i probably would still sorta like it based on that list. luckily it wasnt the worst movie ever. it was quiant, cute, quirky, but it was overwhelmingly evident that it was indie film. take that as you will. the story was alright, but a little unmemorable. maybe its because it was so low key and it is a road trip movie after all that the story didnt have to be memorable to be likeable. i liked the cinematography and the sounds/silences in the movie. the music was important however the moments without music were noticeable and just as enjoyable. i love the actors and im hard pressed to critique them...the performances worked, did any of them stand out? umm maybe not...deschanel was likeable, i was able to empathize with pucci, and malone (whom i first saw in into the wild) definitely stepped in to character well. i mean she is definitely one actress i can't typecast quite yet...unless you consider her to be a road trip movie pro? either way, after all this endless blabber. ill say i liked this not sure if i'd watch it again...but im glad i watched it. maybe because the movie just seems so darn genuine and heartfelt that i can't imagine not liking it. i feel like any shortcomings can be overlooked based on its honesty. that or im just an old softy who likes road trip movies, good music, her favourite actors/actresses, and a good old feel good movie.


i thought i'd give you a try.

just like every other college student out there, i have been spending basically all of my time these past little while studying*.  last year, at this time, i was totally done my semester, moved out of my dorm, and getting ready for a trip to mexico... boy, do i wish that i could time travel back to one year ago.  instead of time travel, lets take a second and appreciate the cuteness and greatness of zooey deschanel.  

just look at her, adorable!

on one of our cassette tapes at work (for real, we have a cassette player) there is a song by she & him, and whenever it comes on it makes me really happy.  and even though i hate a lot of the films that she is in (ie. the happening, ughhh), i still have the hugest celebrity crush on her.  i was going to pick a youtube video to post, but i feel like I've been resorting to just posting videos a lot lately, so go youtube her on your own time.

* studying = youtube, refreshing, refreshing facebook news feed/creeping, re-reading postsecret, making lists of bands to check out, making lists of books i'd like to read, doing laundry, coffee breaks, playing brickball, playing scrabble on my nintendo ds

love keiko.

put your loving hand out, baby

ahhhhh so i saw a new adidas commerical on the tele today and it made my day!
a) i love adidas
b) david beckham, mark gonzalez, russel simmons, missy elliott, katy perry, annnd kevin garnett all under the same roof
c) i love pilooski and this track is so sick. i was just waiting for the pilooski remix of beggin' to make it big!


summersummersummer time

you have no idea how happy it made me to see Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice, Alright by Modest Mouse, on Kaur's top ten.  This is close to my all-time-number-one favourite song.  if you've never heard it you've been missing out - BIG TIME.  i wish that Modest Mouse was still this great.

since it's finally feelin' like summertime here in calgary, lets listen to a sweet summertime jam...(too bad it's going back into the negatives by the end of the week).

love keiko.

cars cars cars

so as a sidenote to the top great is it that depeche mode is back. and with a wicked new song that is totally reminiscent of their old 80's stuff? an old band that is back with good material and isn't a sell out? who knew that could happen. the video for 'wrong' its sooo messed up but oddly enough i liked it.

oh that video totally reminds me of radiohead's wicked video for karma police. gotta check it out. probably just because it takes place in a car...anyways radiohead has a ton of good videos so if you have a them!



wow. so ive been dropping the ball like its my j-o-b for the past few weeks...weird especially considering i used to do a weekly top ten all on my own. now i cant even manage to find 5 songs worth listing...lets see what i can come up with.

1) Jane Fonda – Mickey Avalon
2) Gimme Sympathy – Metric
3) Don’t Talk Down – The Stills
4) Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice, Alright – Modest Mouse
5) À L'orée Des Bois – Plants & Animals
6) Wrong –
Depeche Mode
7) Automatic Stop – The Strokes
8) West Coast – Coconut Records
9) Coming to Terms – Carolina Liar
10) The Hard Road – Hilltop Hoods

my lists are always in numerical order of best/favourite/most listened to down. however i often find that some songs should definitely be number ones and end up lower on the list just because of bad timing. i mean number 5 on this list is most definitely one of my all time favourite songs whereas number 1 is not. it just so happens that jane fonda was on repeat for bsd on friday. plants and animals rock. actually a lot of the songs on this list would be number ones on any other given week...


Sunday, April 19, 2009


i don't care what they say

lets watch this.  my fave dance ever.

love keiko


last weekend we both forgot to list our weekly five.
so i am going to do my own weekly ten for this week, to make up for last weeks loss.

1.  Paper Planes - ft. Afrikan Boy and Rye Rye
2.  Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine
3.  Tu es beau - Yelle 
4. 14 Forever- Stars
5.  Lost Coastlines - Okkervil River
6. Kids - MGMT
7.  Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare - Matt & Kim
8.  Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis (i've been rewatching Chelsea and Mark's dance from SYTYCD to this song all week)
9. Don't! - Mirah
10. Second Lover - Noah and the Whale

love keiko.
p.s. if i had ordered this list, with 1 being my favourite, Yelle would be #1.  for some reason i never used to like this song much, but this week i couldn't get enough of it.


part 4.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

no melon, no lemon.

part three.


Friday, April 17, 2009

224 word palindrome.

"Dammit I'm Mad"
by Demetri Martin

Dammit I'm mad.
Evil is a deed as I live.
God, am I reviled? I rise, my bed on a sun, I melt.
To be not one man emanating is sad. I piss.
Alas, it is so late. Who stops to help?
Man, it is hot. I'm in it. I tell.
I am not a devil. I level "Mad Dog".
Ah, say burning is, as a deified gulp,
In my halo of a mired rum tin.
I erase many men. Oh, to be man, a sin.
Is evil in a clam? In a trap?
No. It is open. On it I was stuck.
Rats peed on hope. Elsewhere dips a web.
Be still if I fill its ebb.
Ew, a spider… eh?
We sleep. Oh no!
Deep, stark cuts saw it in one position.
Part animal, can I live? Sin is a name.
Both, one… my names are in it.
Murder? I'm a fool.
A hymn I plug, deified as a sign in ruby ash,
A Goddam level I lived at.
On mail let it in. I'm it.
Oh, sit in ample hot spots. Oh wet!
A loss it is alas (sip). I'd assign it a name.
Name not one bottle minus an ode by me:
"Sir, I deliver. I'm a dog"
Evil is a deed as I live.
Dammit I'm mad.


a car...rock and rolling?

part dos is sooo good. he is amazing!


Thursday, April 16, 2009


i am a big fan of the food network.  i will watch pretty much anything they show (everything except for Rachel Ray - i hate her)(iron chef america is probably my all-time favourite, and cat cora is my favourite iron chef).  i spent some time today watching youtube clips of Paula Dean's show - Paula's Home Cooking (I looove Paula).  i found a shitty clip of this one episode that a friend of mine told me about, i'm not going to post it, but you should check it out (lasagna sandwiches).  i am convinced that if i ate the foods she made i would be dead.  seriously.  

i am pretty sure that before this she makes those donuts herself.  (oh and apparently she drank a cup of melted butter on her show - too far).

love keiko

i wish i had a time machine/thanks for the memories or lack thereof...

hmm so here's a personal 'journal-esque' entry as a follow up to yesterday's word of the day.

WARNING: its totally a debbie downer post. im not reading it over once i type itll prolly sound emo or something haha. dont read it if youre in for something entertaining. its just something i feel like writing at the moment.

i am a far more sentimental than is good for me, i get attached to people, places, and times very easily. i relate people, music, feelings, sounds, smells, places, quotes, everything together and make those connections quickly. i think i repeated myself there...oh well. and yes i feel nostalgic for times i never had. i often get this way and i think the end of the school year triggered another bout. i am estatic for the end of school, who likes homeworks and tests? however the end of school also marks departure. departure from routine. not so bad. but departure of people...worse. whether they are friends from out of town or 4th years who are graduating and moving on to bigger and better things...people are leaving. yes its agreed change is hard, but i have become overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia lately which has thrown me into a melancholy mood. im not necessarily nostalgic for times i had this year, but rather the ones i never had a chance to have. i have met a great deal of amazing people this year...many of whom i only recently met, and furthermore many of whom are graduating or from out of town. i look back at their pictures and hear their stories and am envious of the experiences they have had. i wish i was there. i wish i was a part of that experience. i wish i was an important part of their life. instead im just another person that they met but had no impact on their life. they are moving on in life whereas i feel stuck in this place and time. to them i am no one. to me they are people i wish i knew for the last 4 years. i will remember them forever. they have made a greater impact on my life than they will ever realise. they will have no clue. i will most definitely miss these people and the times they had, the times i wish i was a part of, the times we could have had, what i could have been a part of, the fact that i will never have a chance to have these times, the fact they are leaving, the fact that they are in a different point in their lives where priorities change, responsibilities change, friendships change, routine changes, all of it. you may or may not keep in touch, but its never the same. the relationships, the bond, the connection falls apart. as maybe it should. people come and go in your life for a reason right? sometimes i feel like that quote exists simply to make people like myself feel better at times like these. i feel like the end of this school year marks the end of so much potential. i yearn for that feeling of a new school year where you dont know whats going to happen but there is so much potential for good times. now i feel like thats over. was that potential fulfilled to its utmost? most likely not...there are a lot of things that i wish could have happened. or happened sooner. that potential has fallen away to memories that will fade surely fade away soon enough. why do memories fade? to make the present easier? i guess all things end up in the past. i guess its apparent that i dont like change. who does. i know that life happens and you move on get over it and accept it. i just am really hating the transience of life right now. i really am. i wish i was a part of more. i feel like i missed out. i truly do.
ps. sorry about not posting much. i need to work on it. and next time it shall be much less diary-ish and less personal. and yes...less repetitive probably too. man i felt like a jr high-er again when i wrote that. weird. i dont like it. it was a whole train of thought eloquence involved.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

if i.

i love stand up comedy. however i like to stick with my favourites and am a bit of a snob so walk away dane cook and make room for the gooders. demetri martin is one of my favourites. mitch hedberg is another. today i'm posting part one of some sweet sweet demetri, just cause i feel like it...'ladies'. there are 6 parts some of which are funnier than if youre impatient and don't wanna wait to see another part, or are a skeptic and think its not so funny check out the rest. i'll post them as the days go by. so righteous.


for the times i never had.

today's word is:
nostalgia. (i know nothing special...)

ps. have you ever felt nostalgic for the times you never had?

Monday, April 13, 2009

the jellyfish take over.

everyone needs to acquaint themselves with the CBC's Passionate Eye about jellyfish (called Jellyfish Invasion).  i watched it with my family, after stumbling upon on day last week, and have been trying to educate EVERYONE about it.  seriously, it is intense, and i now have an irrational fear of jellyfish.  if you can't find the Jellyfish Invasion i will summarize it for you: jellyfish are taking over the oceans and are pretty much invincible (when they are slaughtered, by the japanese fishermen, the release allllll their reproductive agents and produce sooooooooooooo many "blooms"... and can thrive in polluted water that no other living thing can live in) they are out of control! omg.  and the tiny jellyfish (box jellyfish) population is growing and is expanding into new locations and they are KILLER.

you can read more about this HERE and i strongly suggest researching this further - i know i will be!

love keiko.

starbucks is grande.

so i get it. maybe i should try to remember the sizes. but seriously...does a grande not connotate something large? or doesnt make any sense to me. yet i`m a university educated person, and if that makes me dumb well i want my money back.

ps. i do not order right off the menu because its too small to read and i have weak eyes. therefore i generally order the same thing everytime but get different sizes to switch it up.
pps. i get your point keiko. but i still don`t think i`m dumb for forgetting...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

congratulations, you are stupid in every language.

so i am going on the defense for starbucks.  
basically, you are stupid in every single language if you can't remember 3 simple words, after going to starbucks more than a few times.  seriously.  tall, grande, venti.  they are not complicated words.  they are written on the menu, just read it.  oh, not only is it written, but starbucks supplies a nice little stand that has each size cup on it for you to clearly see (with the name of each size printed on it).  i don't care if "venti" doesn't mean large in italian - in starbucks, large is exactly what it means (and that is all that matters).  

also, if you order straight off the menu this should not be difficult! the sizes are on the menu! it isn't necessary that you order "no skinny, no soy milk, no foam, green tea tazo chai latte" if you don't want to, just order what you want (straight off the menu) if it makes you happy, that way your day will not be at all harder.  or if this is such a complication for you, how about not going to starbucks at all?

so basically, starbucks will only make your day harder if you are an idiot and don't bother to look at the menu.

no offense kaur, i still love you.

love keiko

note: i loved the movie, it is absolutely hilarious!  i thought it looked terrible, but boy was i wrong.

congratulations you are stupid in three languages.

i really liked this movie. and i really liked paul rudd. and i really liked this quote. but furthermore, this scene reminds me of myself in a starbucks. seriously...i order straight off the skinny, soy milk, no foam, green tea tazo chai latte's or whatever i just want the medium size whatever its called! come on starbucks throw a dog a bone. why make a person's day harder than it should be...


Saturday, April 11, 2009


lets all take a couple minutes and watch this music video, please (or at least fast forward to ~2:20 and watch it from there).  it is the video for Heart it Races by Architecture in Helsinki.

if you've got a couple more minutes to spare, watching this next video is soo worth it... (it is my fave youtube video at the moment)

love keiko

peace out forever.

1994 was the year that i turned 6 years old, it is also the year that the movie the wackness is set.  the movie was pretty decent, i won't go into details about what i thought of it, but what i liked the most was the dope 90's lingo.  i wish that in 1994 i was a little older, and lived in NYC (and maybe was a drug dealer) that way i could have pulled off these phrases a little better:

"i've got mad love for you shorty" (or just the word mad in general)
"you're/that's so whack"
"dope" (as in another word for cool - or something else similar to cool)

i am going to make an effort to incorporate these into my life.  i also enjoyed the quote "so peace out, FOREVER"

love keiko

Friday, April 10, 2009

lucky duck.

this is a useless post.

but i just got a text that read: "OMGHURKSOMWUE I JUST SAW ROB PATTINSON" (and nikki reed) from my sister in vancouver (and felt the need to share).  one word= jealousy.

lets look at him (and kristen stewart) for a second (i love this part of twilight).

back in the day.

when i was younger i loved music videos. i used to watch them a lot, now i don't.
i rediscovered this video today. i totally remember when i was younger and i used to see it all the time. i never understood it...i guess i get the concept now, but really i just think the dancing is sweet.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

bound for the floor.

today's word is:

copacetic — preferred spelling listed in OED and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
copasetic — alternate spelling listed in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary; the correct spelling in Microsoft Words' spell checker feature.
kopasetic — alternate spelling listed in OED
copesetic — alternate spelling listed in OED and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
copissettic — historical spelling given in a 1933 quotation in the OED entry
kopasetee — historical spelling given in a 1926 quotation in the OED entry
copasthetic — historical spelling given in a 1930 quotation in the Random House Historical
koppithetic - historical spelling given in a 1960 quotation in the Farmers Almanac

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I ain't got nothing to say

Speaking of Springsteen covers....

Dancing In The Dark covered by Tegan and Sara has been a long time fave of mine.

so great.

love keiko

i'm going down down down down.

Florence and the Machine.  I liked Kiss With A Fist, really really liked, but couldn't really get into much else by her (and the machine, hah).  Today one of my BFFs sent me her current fave song - I'm Going Down (a Bruce Springsteen cover) by Florence and the Machine ft. Kid Harpoon, and I LOVE it (like it's my j-o-b, as kaur would probably say).  

Listen and love it:

Im Goin Down (Springsteen Cover) - Florence and the Machine feat Kid Harpoon

love keiko

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


this freaks me out a little bit/intrigues me.  it's a kid robot that was developed a while ago and has been learning and and gaining social skills like a human baby/child.  it has learned how to read facial expressions and can interact with people - it's even learning how to walk, and they hope that eventually it'll learn how to talk.

love keiko

the type that makes me feel old.

today's word is:


sad news

i love lindsay and sam.  i love their drama.  i love hearing all the gossip about them.  i've been hating all of this drama about them fighting.  now apparently it's over between them, and this makes me sad.  the rumour about the restraining order also makes me sad. 

 i have high hopes that they will be back together after this break - once lindsay has had her time to focus on herself.  hah.  
love keiko


okay, so, clearly my number one guilty pleasure music wise is kelly clarkson.  so you can imagine my extreme excitement when i heard on the radio just now that she is coming to calgary this summer.  YES! (okay, well that is a lie, i don't feel the least bit guilty about loving her, but still).

i am loving this song right now.

love keiko

Sunday, April 5, 2009

my movies this week.

I am going to follow suit and talk about some movies that I've seen lately.  Unlike Kaur I have no troubles sitting through a movie without getting distracted (during Twilight I got mad her for talking/distracting me).

Slumdog Millionaire: I also rate this A
This movie was sooooo hyped up, I finally got around to watching it a few nights ago, and had high expectations (really high).  Sadly, it failed to live up to all the hype (big time), but was definitely still good, and I enjoyed it... just not to the extent I thought I would.  Wicked story (I need to read the book!) and I loved M.I.A's contribution to the soundtrack.  Other things that I liked: the acting, the colours (and saturation levels), the editing, it was intense.  

Adventure Land: A-
I saw this with Kaur and some other friends on opening day, we were all really stoked on leading up (especially Kaur and I).  I don't think it is fair to compare it to Superbad, it is entirely different.  I read a few reviews of it before we saw it, so I had a rough idea of what to expect.  It wasn't at all a great movie, not super meaningful, not super funny, but I liked it.  The casting, I though, was great.  I know, I know, I know, a lot of people's ideal Brennan would have been Michael Cera (and I admit after seeing the trailers I wanted Michael) but I thought Jesse Eisenberg was pretty perfect.  I think what pushed me to rate this an A- over a B+ is because of my K. Stewart obsession right now, she is fantastic.  I do wish that this movie was a bit funnier, it had it's funny moments- but not enough of them.  (Bill Hader+Martin Starr+Kristen Wiig=AWESOME, so that helps too).

Garden State: B-
I just rewatched this one for the first time since seeing it in theatres.  I remember LOVING it back in high school (my math notebook was collaged and Garden State themed).  This time I found it really pretentious and a little bit obnoxious.  It was alright though, I still love the soundtrack (aka. perfect), and Natalie Portman... but I couldn't get over Zach Braff's nose practically poking her in the eye when they kissed.  I found a lot of it to be really underdeveloped, and at times a bit boring.

Twilight: A
I nearly wrote A+, but realistically, I think an A is a bit high too.  I really do love Twilight, and Bella, and Edward, and Jacob, and Charlie, and just everyone/everything about Twilight.  My love for Twilight comes (almost) solely from the book, I adore this poorly written, vampire love story.  I love love love the casting, Kristen and Rob are perfect!  For the most part the movie was really good for being based on a book (it should be noted that I saw the movie before reading the books).  There were some things that I hated, a lot of it was in the dialogue (eg. "Hold on my little spider monkey" WTF, why?! why these words?); and the fucking lame flashback scenes to the Cullens hunting, and the wolves, oh and the "traditional" vampire Edward biting Bella... all of this was not needed.  I also liked the special features of the the DVD.  I am really excited for New Moon, I hope with a new director these stupid parts won't be included.

love keiko.