Sunday, April 5, 2009

my movies this week.

I am going to follow suit and talk about some movies that I've seen lately.  Unlike Kaur I have no troubles sitting through a movie without getting distracted (during Twilight I got mad her for talking/distracting me).

Slumdog Millionaire: I also rate this A
This movie was sooooo hyped up, I finally got around to watching it a few nights ago, and had high expectations (really high).  Sadly, it failed to live up to all the hype (big time), but was definitely still good, and I enjoyed it... just not to the extent I thought I would.  Wicked story (I need to read the book!) and I loved M.I.A's contribution to the soundtrack.  Other things that I liked: the acting, the colours (and saturation levels), the editing, it was intense.  

Adventure Land: A-
I saw this with Kaur and some other friends on opening day, we were all really stoked on leading up (especially Kaur and I).  I don't think it is fair to compare it to Superbad, it is entirely different.  I read a few reviews of it before we saw it, so I had a rough idea of what to expect.  It wasn't at all a great movie, not super meaningful, not super funny, but I liked it.  The casting, I though, was great.  I know, I know, I know, a lot of people's ideal Brennan would have been Michael Cera (and I admit after seeing the trailers I wanted Michael) but I thought Jesse Eisenberg was pretty perfect.  I think what pushed me to rate this an A- over a B+ is because of my K. Stewart obsession right now, she is fantastic.  I do wish that this movie was a bit funnier, it had it's funny moments- but not enough of them.  (Bill Hader+Martin Starr+Kristen Wiig=AWESOME, so that helps too).

Garden State: B-
I just rewatched this one for the first time since seeing it in theatres.  I remember LOVING it back in high school (my math notebook was collaged and Garden State themed).  This time I found it really pretentious and a little bit obnoxious.  It was alright though, I still love the soundtrack (aka. perfect), and Natalie Portman... but I couldn't get over Zach Braff's nose practically poking her in the eye when they kissed.  I found a lot of it to be really underdeveloped, and at times a bit boring.

Twilight: A
I nearly wrote A+, but realistically, I think an A is a bit high too.  I really do love Twilight, and Bella, and Edward, and Jacob, and Charlie, and just everyone/everything about Twilight.  My love for Twilight comes (almost) solely from the book, I adore this poorly written, vampire love story.  I love love love the casting, Kristen and Rob are perfect!  For the most part the movie was really good for being based on a book (it should be noted that I saw the movie before reading the books).  There were some things that I hated, a lot of it was in the dialogue (eg. "Hold on my little spider monkey" WTF, why?! why these words?); and the fucking lame flashback scenes to the Cullens hunting, and the wolves, oh and the "traditional" vampire Edward biting Bella... all of this was not needed.  I also liked the special features of the the DVD.  I am really excited for New Moon, I hope with a new director these stupid parts won't be included.

love keiko.

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