Wednesday, April 29, 2009


do you remember dream street?

i vaguely remember being aware of them back in my pre-teen years.  anyway, i was youtubing jesse mccartney, and came across some dream street videos.  hilarious!!! i decided that this ist the one boy band that i really don't get.  i mean, they look like babies, and are dancing around thinking they are so hot.  their average age when the band formed was 14.5 (with jesse the youngest - 13)!!!  after finding this out i researched 'n sync for a little while, and their average age when they formed was 18 (justin was the youngest, at 14), so of course i had to do BSB too - 17.5 (nick was the youngest, and was 13).  so then i thought that 'n sync and bsb were the weird ones because they the age discrepancies (kevin in bsb and chris in 'nsync were both 22...), i seriously think it's weird that they are like 10 years older then the youngest group members; and dream street their ages are all within 2 years of each other!  so then i decided that dream street made the most sense, since they are close in age, and that should be more acceptable for some reason.

and then i started to wonder why this became such a big deal to me, and decided to just sat back and enjoyed some mighty fine boy band videos.

at first i was going to post a dream street vid, but it's weird.  so i am posting some 'n sync (they were, by far, my boy band of choice).

love keiko

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