Wednesday, April 1, 2009

perez hating.

this is my first perez hatin' post.  

i don't care about:

1. his freaking birthday.
2. nadya suleman/octomom/"octopussy" (seriously, all she wants is media attention, he hates her for it, yet posts about her wayy too often).
3. his friendship with lady gaga! (fuck, really? she is one of the most ridiculous celebrities! if she wasn't his friend he would be allll over hating her) (his failure to give her shit for her nipple slip, but in the same week bash kate moss for her's... so lame!) (if anyone else had given that quote about how much she loves sex, she'd be a whore, but nope, it's lady gaga, she can do anything).
4. his hatred for kristen stewart! (she's not exciting, so what? she's not good at doing media shit, so what?) (also, basically every quote about her "hating" twilight was taken out of context!)

love keiko.

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