Saturday, April 11, 2009

peace out forever.

1994 was the year that i turned 6 years old, it is also the year that the movie the wackness is set.  the movie was pretty decent, i won't go into details about what i thought of it, but what i liked the most was the dope 90's lingo.  i wish that in 1994 i was a little older, and lived in NYC (and maybe was a drug dealer) that way i could have pulled off these phrases a little better:

"i've got mad love for you shorty" (or just the word mad in general)
"you're/that's so whack"
"dope" (as in another word for cool - or something else similar to cool)

i am going to make an effort to incorporate these into my life.  i also enjoyed the quote "so peace out, FOREVER"

love keiko

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