Sunday, April 26, 2009


this is a movie review.

Yes Man, D+

I first typed "F" because i hated this movie, and then typed "D" to not be so harsh... and then added the plus because i remembered how adorable zooey was (and i really liked her character).

okay, the story is all about the power of "yes", and having the ability to change your life (by saying yes to everything..).  i thought it was pretty dumb.

okay, so, ever since i saw the trailer for the first time, i had absolutely NO desire to see this.  but a coworker of mine said that she had no desire to see it, but her roommates put it on and she watched it, and enjoyed it.  so i thought "what the heck? lets give it a try."  WHAT A MISTAKE, i hate jim carrey (okay, sometimes he's alright - his old school comedies like dumb and dumber=pretty funny, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, and i did like liar liar).  anyway, i thought maybe this wouldn't be so bad - i mean, zooey is in it, that should be reason enough.  we popped in it, and right off the bat i was miserable, jim carrey just is not funny, not at all, he is actually really really annoying (through the WHOLE movie).  i think i could have enjoyed the movie with a different actor.  he just didn't make any sense to me, his friend's were cool (and a lot younger than him), zooey is the cutest and coolest girl (and a lot younger, and way more attractive).  
some parts i really hated:
1.  he saved a guy from committing suicide by grabbing a guitar and singing a song.  not funny.
2.  the whole, airport security+terrorist thing.. and the persian wife thing.
3.  him planning the "bridal shower"... which ended up just being an engagement party (?)
4.  how he "said" yes to things that weren't even questions! like reading a flyer and then having to do whatever the flyer said.
5.  the part with the old lady neighbor? completely unnecessary! and disgusting, wtf.  like, the kind of disgusting that i couldn't find any humour in.

i did like some parts:
1.  zooey's, or i guess Allison's, ridiculous band.
2.  her helmet.. and vespa.
3.  her running photography club
4.  the harry potter party... or just the guy in the corner dressed as dobby.
5.  when Allison leaves him (which leads me to another terrible part, when they get back together).

so, yeah, i hated this movie.  jim carrey is so tired, he tried too hard, and just didn't cut it.

love keiko.

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