Friday, April 24, 2009

um myspace?

so, rather than focus on studying for my final tomorrow, i joined myspace.  i figured it is a good thing to have, or could be a good thing to have (i haven't decided yet).  i am also feeling overwhelmed.  i was a myspace user when i was 16, and myspace has changed since then.  it took me a good 2 hours (or 17 tries) to make a decent looking layout (with the "simple" advanced customizer), after every time i managed to create something i was happy with it would just disappear! i nearly gave up and was going to settle with a lamo "theme" layout - not cool.  anyway, now that we have our myspace page, we're at a loss of what to do.  but it was a nice (albeit confusing/frustrating/annoying) distraction from my Sociology of Work textbook.  i felt oddly satisfied once i figured it all out, and it did what i wanted it to do.

i promise that once we figure out what myspace is all about, it's going to be great.  really great.

so, i guess.. if you have myspace, add us? 



love keiko.

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Anonymous said...

This is strange how I happen to come on your page from browsing ... and also be in your soci class.