Monday, April 20, 2009


wow. so ive been dropping the ball like its my j-o-b for the past few weeks...weird especially considering i used to do a weekly top ten all on my own. now i cant even manage to find 5 songs worth listing...lets see what i can come up with.

1) Jane Fonda – Mickey Avalon
2) Gimme Sympathy – Metric
3) Don’t Talk Down – The Stills
4) Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice, Alright – Modest Mouse
5) À L'orée Des Bois – Plants & Animals
6) Wrong –
Depeche Mode
7) Automatic Stop – The Strokes
8) West Coast – Coconut Records
9) Coming to Terms – Carolina Liar
10) The Hard Road – Hilltop Hoods

my lists are always in numerical order of best/favourite/most listened to down. however i often find that some songs should definitely be number ones and end up lower on the list just because of bad timing. i mean number 5 on this list is most definitely one of my all time favourite songs whereas number 1 is not. it just so happens that jane fonda was on repeat for bsd on friday. plants and animals rock. actually a lot of the songs on this list would be number ones on any other given week...


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