Sunday, April 5, 2009


i generally get too distracted to sit through many a movie...however this week i definitely brought my A game and sat down to watch a few. here are my thoughts:

slumdog millionaire: A
so this movie had lots of hype. lots of awards. and a lot of fans. i will admit it was a good movie. i enjoyed it. however definitely not the best movie everrr. i would recommend people see it. its a good one. good story. good acting. good music. good cinematography. no complaints. i dont really know how i feel about it though. when i watch a movie i compare how i felt going into it vs how i feel after. this one kinda left me the same way i started...even though it was so perfect. i dunno. hmmm.

adventureland: B+
i had no idea what this movie was gonna be about. all i knew is that kristen stewart was in it and there were some other gooders like the guy from freaks and geeks and superbad. i think had i known what i was going in for i would have liked it better. it wasnt what i expected. but i liked it. i thought it would be more along the lines of superbad x juno or something. which may explain why the whole time i was watching it was imagining michael cera in the part of james brennan. i liked jesse eisenberg...he did good, buuut maybe im biased, i can seen michael cera just fitting it perfectly. irregardless...pretty cute lil movie.

role models: A+
okay okay okay...this may have been kinda a ridiculous movie, it is kinda stupid. but boy oh boy it made me laugh like it was my j-o-b. so perfect. line after line i was speechless. "congratulations you are now stupid in three languages" will be remembered forever. or the battle sequence at the end? or the kiss make up! seriously this was my favourite movie all week despite the fact that its no oscar winner and may end up on my favourite movies list.


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