Monday, April 13, 2009

the jellyfish take over.

everyone needs to acquaint themselves with the CBC's Passionate Eye about jellyfish (called Jellyfish Invasion).  i watched it with my family, after stumbling upon on day last week, and have been trying to educate EVERYONE about it.  seriously, it is intense, and i now have an irrational fear of jellyfish.  if you can't find the Jellyfish Invasion i will summarize it for you: jellyfish are taking over the oceans and are pretty much invincible (when they are slaughtered, by the japanese fishermen, the release allllll their reproductive agents and produce sooooooooooooo many "blooms"... and can thrive in polluted water that no other living thing can live in) they are out of control! omg.  and the tiny jellyfish (box jellyfish) population is growing and is expanding into new locations and they are KILLER.

you can read more about this HERE and i strongly suggest researching this further - i know i will be!

love keiko.

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