Monday, April 20, 2009

never had nobody like you. so with keiko here. i do love zooey a lot! she's just so darn adorable and i like her music stuffs too...for those of you who are outta the loop you may find it interesting that zooey is engaged to ben gibbard of death cab for cutie and the postal service fame. that is like an indie music lovers version of a royal family...sorta. you should definitely check out she & him, a collaboration between zooey deschanel and m. ward whom she met on the set of the go-getter. which reminds me...m. ward is a genius so check out his solo stuff too!

anyways other than proclaiming my adoration for zooey deschanel i wanted to give a quick movie review for a movie she starred in and i watched a few months ago...the go-getter!

the go-getter: a -
so let me start off with a list
a) i love lou taylor pucci
b) i love zooey deschanel and jena malone
c) i love m. ward, the black keys and elliott smith
d) i love road trips/road trip movies

now that you know that...i can say that those factors alone made me go in with a bias. even if it was the worst movie ever i probably would still sorta like it based on that list. luckily it wasnt the worst movie ever. it was quiant, cute, quirky, but it was overwhelmingly evident that it was indie film. take that as you will. the story was alright, but a little unmemorable. maybe its because it was so low key and it is a road trip movie after all that the story didnt have to be memorable to be likeable. i liked the cinematography and the sounds/silences in the movie. the music was important however the moments without music were noticeable and just as enjoyable. i love the actors and im hard pressed to critique them...the performances worked, did any of them stand out? umm maybe not...deschanel was likeable, i was able to empathize with pucci, and malone (whom i first saw in into the wild) definitely stepped in to character well. i mean she is definitely one actress i can't typecast quite yet...unless you consider her to be a road trip movie pro? either way, after all this endless blabber. ill say i liked this not sure if i'd watch it again...but im glad i watched it. maybe because the movie just seems so darn genuine and heartfelt that i can't imagine not liking it. i feel like any shortcomings can be overlooked based on its honesty. that or im just an old softy who likes road trip movies, good music, her favourite actors/actresses, and a good old feel good movie.


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