Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my thoughts were so loud I couldn't hear my mouth.

when i study i listen to music. i find that each semester my studying music changes
first semester first year - lightspeed champion, dj shadow, and ratatat
second semester first year - mgmt and iron & wine
first semester second year - bon iver, fleet foxes, and the dears
second semester second year - a mix of everything...?
alas the study soundtrack is as abstract as notorious b.i.g. to sublime and califone
however i have found that certain songs have been on repeat more than others
example: the world at large by modest mouse
which in turn brings me to the reason for this post...
how awesome is 'good news for people who love bads news'?
i loved it when it first came out but only now have i rediscovered it
float on was obviously a huge hit, but the album as a whole is quite brilliant
i'm not sure what is is
its accessible with catchy songs like float on but there is something very somber about it
irregardless...its really hitting home right now
everybody' outta listen to it


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