Monday, April 27, 2009


every couple of weeks i get an itch to spend money, a really intense one.  and then i feel really anxious until i go shopping.  it's really annoying, and kind of a big waste of money (not actually, because i usually do get things  that i really, really want/need).  or sometimes i get an idea of something i want to purchase, and then i become obsessed, and then i HAVE to buy it.  anyway, this post is just about things that i want/have recently purchased.

1.  Dslr camera.  so far, not a smart purchase... i lost the battery charger, so i haven't really had a chance to use it (i;m sure once i get my hands on that charger i'll be loving it).  this one, i got the idea in my head that i wanted to get into photography... and then over a week that idea grew and took over my life! all i did was research entry-level dslrs.  so i found a pretty great deal and went ahead and bought it.  i felt really good after buying it - my student line of credit didn't feel quite so good.  

2.  a new pair of chuck taylor's (not hightops).  i bought these today.  my last pair lasted me five years (!!) and really could go for a while more (i did go about two years without wearing them at all), but the girl sitting next to me in my "rocks for jocks" final had a nice pair of just classic black and white ones that had that were at that perfect point of being worn in- and i HAD to get a pair.

3.  a new bag.  my nice simple, black leather lucky brand bag's stitching is starting to pull out.  and i don't really like my michael corr's one anymore (and my mom's been using it for the past couple months).  so i did some looking around for an affordable one.. and found a pretty cool one from urban outfitters (for only $60!!!).  this one (my sister is buying it for me tomorrow):

4.  right now, i am trying to fight the temptation to buy some sweet t-shirts online.  i am going to wait a do a separate post on this one brand that i am pretty stoked on right now.  but it would make me really happy if someone would by this shirt from (emily storey=awesome):

5.  this one isn't really something i bought... but i went to see monsters vs. aliens in imax!! for only $2 more you can upgrade the normal 3D one to the totally awesome imax experience!  i loved this! the movie was cute, funny, and the voices were really well casted (seth rogen as bob? YES).  the only downside was that the imax glasses were a pain to wear over my real glasses (i don't have nay trouble with the cheapo normal 3d ones they have now).  

love keiko.

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