Saturday, April 25, 2009

nobody's first...and you're next.

i dislike the word uber and if you say it...i will not say anything but will take note.
i feel as though 'random' is overused and i dont use it. i dislike people who use it.
i will not look at any albums on facebook called 'random' or any variation of it.
i wish i had better balance.
i drank ginger ale today and i liked it.
i like writing on my hand. i like fonts. i like experimenting with fonts on my hand.
i find it odd that my black marker turned purple on my hand.
i only really like black pens.
i think modest mouse has fantastic album titles.
i love songs:ohia. jason molina has a beautiful voice. ive said this before...but i love it.
i hope im not the only one that thinks brian fallon's voice is similar to brandon flowers'.
i pretty much will enjoy an acoustic version of any song.

that is all for now.


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