Sunday, April 26, 2009

two eyes and two ears is never enough.

i don't watch all that much tv. i have a few shows i'm loyal to but other than that i'm pretty indifferent to the good ole tube. one exception: mtv rules. or at least it did in the past. i miss the glory days of mtv.

1) laguna beach = best show on mtv
hands down so classic. back when lauren was known as lc, stephen colletti was not a beefcake, kristin ran show and everyday was a fashion show laguna beach was top notch. the first/second season were prime. i still watch it online for kicks - i seriously loved this show. the spinoff - the hills, and the spinoff to the spinoff 'the city' just don't hit home like laguna beach did. maybe its cause there's no beaches, no kristin/stephen/lc love triangles or maybe its just that they're just too contrived now. irregardless...laguna beach is missed.

2) 8th and ocean = who doesn't wanna watch beautiful people living in south beach?
its simplex. young good looking people kickin it up in florida. there's nothing wrong with this concept. i still don't know why it only lasted 10 episodes...which i also recently watched again. where are these people now? i wanna know!!!

3) my super sweet sixteen = over the top, overdone, and over
this show is guilty of allowing kids to be spoiled everywhere however it was pretty rediculous how over the top the parties were. themes, celebrities, cars, and meltdowns were aplenty...and after awhile it was a little repetitive. still good stuff though.

4) made = one hour of wholesome goodness
alright...this was actually a cool concept, except that more than half the shows were about girls/guys wanting to be made into 'popular' kids byway of beauty queens, prom queens, cheerleaders, mackdaddys, football players, and dancers. one that did stand out was where a guy wanted to be made into a figure skater...sweeeet.

5) dancelife
dancelife was so good. that is all.

honourable mentions: life of ryan/run's house/engaged and underaged/room raider's/etc.
i basically listed off a bunch of shows that i used to watch...i would add more but i can't remember their names. basically...mtv rocked. now its losing its focus with lamo aftershows and all the contrived spinoffs. i'm ready for some new concepts and wicked sweet shows.

how aboutttt: 'you got dropped'?
ultimate revenge. totally mtv's style. lets hook people up. take them somewhere public...then have on of them break up with the other. with people in on the joke surrounding them saying 'you got dropped'. i got great ideas for music and everything...


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