Friday, July 31, 2009

L is for the way you look at me.

good news bears.


animal crackers.

i really enjoyed the towel animals we got everyday on the cruise.
i wanted to know how to make them.
i found this:

ps. that is a photograph i took of the elephant in my room last week.

i wish...

i wish that evan didn't make it to the sytycd finale over ade.


love, keiko.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

my middle name.

today's word is: 

ps. check out barack vs michelle obama's dancing on ellen.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(500) days of perfection.

so after many months and then some of waiting i finally saw 500 days of summer.
thank goodness it was perfect.
no let downs in sight.
i agree with keiko (who saw it before i could) it was the best movie i saw in awhile.

here's the dl:
the story is real...its believable and i bet everyone can relate in some way. i really enjoyed how the story was told. the audience knows the end result (its not a love story per say) and they know the beginning...what the plotline follows is what comes in between. the cinematography was gorgeous. the music was incredible (so obviously i was sold).  the way art was integrated was magnificent - id love to give more details but i feel like ill give parts of it away. the 'day' interludes were clever. i loved loved loved the imaginative dance-ish sequence that gordon-levitt was a part of with the animated was so much fun and just exuded happiness. oh but my favourite part was the ikea scene for sure. i kinda do the same thing when im in furniture stores and whatnot. i like to pretend im at home! though the way joseph and zooey did it was pure perfection! really i dont have a single bad thing to say about it and i should stop before i continue rambling about how much i loved it. it really embodied what i love in a movie and though i kinda hated zooey in the movie (mostly because she broke joseph's heart - so it wasnt her but the type of person she had to be i guess...i cant explain it) i thought the characters were gorgeously portrayed. joseph gordon levitt was absolutely adorable through and through i loved him and wanted to just go and make him feel better and zooey is just so darn cute i want to put her in my pocket. it was heartbreaking and perfect. i just really felt this movie annnd would watch it again in a heartbeat! go watch it as soon as you can. 



i have been looking at swim wear on, they have so many cute pieces!

my two faves (i cant get pictures - but if you are curious you can try to find them yourself) are the "paper planes bandeau" and the "epic journey top".  

love, keiko.

p.s.  here are the links:  paper planes  epic journey

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

baked alaskas and hot hot heat.

i dont really have much to say come to think of it.
however its been forever since i posted anything.
i thought id have tons to share but i dont.
im going to simply let my stream of consciousness take over.

- alaska is the greatest
- cruises are kinda ridiculous but sweet
- vicky christina barcelona is pretty good not great
- i want to take photography classes
- the people that work at robson st club monaco dress perfectly
- i like calgary more than i thought
- there are lots of movies i want to see
- its hot hot hot
- i want a shaken iced passion tea lemonade
- i should get rid of this blanket
- i need to listen to new music
- kayaks are amazing
- pink, silver, king, sockeye, and chum from pinky to thumb


Monday, July 27, 2009

k is for keiko & kaur.

i feel like making a list of highlights from the past week... but i think that i've already mentioned most things that would make the list (or just the most important).  oh well, i'll give it a go.

1.  the screening of (500) days of summer.
2.  folk fest.
3.  tie-dye party x2... and i am ready for another round.
4.  my new music binge - i am still struggling to finish listening to it all (so good!).
5.  crave cupcakes.  it had been quite a while since i've had a cupcake (i dont even remember the last time), they were out of the minis so i overdosed on regular sized ones (we couldn't even finish the half dozen that we purchased).
6.  sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!!!
7.  a new bathing suit (animal print?! what?... it's sweet).

what am i looking forward to in the week to come? VACATION.

what am i sad about missing next weekend?  rock the bells.

love, keiko.

p.s.  if you know of anyone who wants to a ticket to rock the bells for hella cheap, you should probably let me know - i don't want my ticket to go to waste!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


today i had my first folk fest experience.  it was glorious.  it was a perfect day of laying in the sun, chillin', listening to sweet music.  never again will i miss folk fest, i've been wanting to go since the summer i graduated high school... but it always happens to be when i go on vacation.

some highlights?

- my rekindled love for mirah.  i was all about mirah a few years ago, and then sort of forgot about her(/forgot how sweet she is).  she is amazing.  she is adorable.  when i got home i decided that i was going to make a playlist called "i love mirah" and fill it with only my fave songs by her... so difficult (especially when i hit the album you think it's like this but it's really like this... seriously, i forgot how much i love this album!).  making the playlist got me to sit down and listen to (a)spera (which i downloaded a while ago, and only listened to a few songs off it), and it is really good! i just really love mirah, and you should too.  once i have completed the playlist i will share it.

- we started out the day with a bit of michael bernard fitzgerald, who is just about the cutest boy ever - best moment? throwing in some "apple bottom jeans/boots with the fur/the whole club was lookin' at her..." just beautiful. 

- the hilarious knee sunburn that my friend alexandra got, just a circle directly above her kneecap on both knees... it was radiating heat.

- all of the terrible tattoos, ugh! (example: giant black stars covering a woman's kneecaps).

- all of the beautiful tattoos, and beautiful people.

- discovering that the shakespeare in the park's version of romeo & juliet features music by biggie and m.i.a.! 

the end.

love, keiko.

baby's got back.

i unfortunately do not have a top ten for the week.
i spent very little if any time listening to music whilst sailing.
i will for that reason skip this weeks ten.
i will admit that one song definitely got a lot of usage.

1) i'm on a boat - the lonely island

ps. i did listen to strawberry swing by coldplay a bit when i first landed in anchorage.
pps. ill probably make a post-trip post shortly.
ppps. i didnt have internet for the last week and my internet for the next while will be shotty so ill post when i can.

what's the deal?

it's after midnight, that means it is sunday... so here is my top ten for this week.

1.  she's got you high - mumm-ra
2.  moth's wings - passion pit
3.  sweet disposition - the temper trap
4.  what were the chances - damien jurado
5.  please, please, please, let me get what i want - she & him (smiths cover)
6.  glycerin - bush
7.  wild tigers i have known - emily jane white
8.  walls - the envy corps
9.  rootless tree- damien rice
10.  engine heart - mirah

love, keiko.

p.s. three songs (#s 1, 3, 5) are from the (500) days of summer soundtrack.  what a great soundtrack!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i am excited to make my weekly ten tomorrow.
i am excited for folk fest tomorrow.

love, keiko.

Friday, July 24, 2009


when you get the chance, GO SEE (500) DAYS OF SUMMER.

really, go.  it is the best movie that i've seen in a while.  i am not going to fully review it (but if i did, it would get an A+).  just know that zooey and joseph gordon-levitt are beyond adorable, and it is perfect... even when it is heartbreaking.

that is all.

love, keiko.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

think alaska.

500 days of summer tonight.  i wish kaur was in town so that she could come!  she is on a cruise in alaska right now, i miss her.

when i think alaska i think of...
1.  into the wild.
2.  my love for emile hirsch.
3.  my love for justin timberlake (connection: alphadog).
5.  glaciers/death by glacier -  my grade seven science teacher told us all about the crevasses in glaciers... if you fall into one you could disappear forever, it terrified me.
6.  vampires and the movie 30 days of night (and also twilight).
7.  zombies (connection: thinking of vampires leads to thinking of zombies).

i don't like ending this list on the number seven, but i guess that is all that i think of when i think of alaska.

love, keiko.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

little secrets.

i just decided that i really like passion pit.  the first time listened to their album i wasn't very impressed (or not impressed at all, but i guess i only listened to a few songs...), and then i forgot about them. but then last month someone made me a mix which had the song sleepyhead on it - which i loved, but was convinced that i didn't/wouldn't like any other songs.  

i was wrong.  

i've been listening to tons of passion pit (and tons of empire of the sun) for the past two days.

love, keiko.

p.s.  i really only LOVE sleepyhead, moth's wings, and  eyes as candles.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

just a list.

here is a quick list of things that i am liking/things that i am looking forward to (this week).

1.  free screening of 500 days of summer - on thursday.  i am in love with zooey deschanel (a reminder, in case you've forgotten).
2.  lately, this calgary weather.  so nice!  perfect for a late night walk/afternoon reading (or napping) in the sun.
3.  this blog: (belonging to one of my fave people ever/one of my bffs).
4. !!! i bought something off it a few years ago... and then forgot about it - and then spent hours and hours one night clicking "add to cart"... and then resisting the intense urge to click "checkout"
5.  calgary folk music festival! 
6.  (this one already happened, but i liked it and looked forward to it) sun and salsa in kensington (the art supply store=the best salsa... good amount of spice, and very little cilantro!)... and the farmer's market!
7.  baking! i love to bake.
8.  ellen on sytycd!
9.  (this also is in the past) tie-dye parties! i had only tie-dyed twice before (once when i was 10... which turned out amazing, and once when i was 19... which was a disaster), this time i am certain that my shirt turned out great, and i am stoked to tie-dye some more!

love, keiko.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


1.  i think she knows - kaki king 
2. i've been broken (i've been fixed) - beulah
3.  going, going, gone (live) - stars
4.  eyes as candles - passion pit
5.  half mast - empire of the sun
6.  future pt.1 - voxtrot
7.  freak - emily haines
8.  toxic girl - kings of convenience
9.  sunshine - matt costa
10.  should've been in love - wilco

love, keiko.

p.s. number one is a cover of justin timberlake's lovestoned/i think she knows interlude.

ten before anchorage.

1) wagon wheel – against me!
2) soft rock star (jimmy vs joe mix) – metric
3) 505 – arctic monkeys
4) ghosting – mother mother
5) when u love somebody – fruit bats
6) daft punk is playing at my house – magic arm
7) believe – macha
8) don’t sweat the technique – eric b. & rakim
9) c.r.e.a.m. – wu tang clan
10) boneyard – boxer the horse


Saturday, July 18, 2009


these are amazing.

more pictures here:


what is this.

i was not aware that this contest (competition?)  existed... these beards and mustaches are insane!!!!!!!!!!

love, keiko.

Friday, July 17, 2009

good news.

ellen degeneres will be a guest judge on sytycd next week!!!!!! this is going to be amazing.

love, keiko.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

rainy day.

today i went to northland mall to try to track down some audio cassette tapes (futureshop's website said they had some)... no luck.  so instead i spent my early-afternoon watching the secret garden, making playlists, and scoping out blogs.

i like this one i like nice things (i will probably make my own "i like" list sometime soon).

when i went to market collective a couple of weeks back, some guy was handing out the cutest business cards ever... so i finally got around to actually checking out the website -  we like we love.

love, keiko.

have some fun.

here are some things i would like to do.
  1. eat dinner at the coup (this will be crossed off my list by tonight!).
  2. bake more.
  3. make more mixes (i decided that i want to actually make some on cassettes)*
  4. late night walks.
  5. create my own "best of calgary" list.
  6. money management/spend less/save more... until i go to vegas.
  7. go on a hike.
  8. take more photos/ find my camera's instruction manual.
  9. get another tattoo.
  10. finish some to-do lists.

*at the moment this one is my number one priority.

love keiko.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ten before going to the sun.

this ten is weak because i didnt listen to a lot of music last week.

1) borne on the fm waves of the heart – against me! ft. tegan quin
2) day n night – kid cudi vs crookers
3) almost crimes (acoustic) – broken social scene
4) broken songs – sleepercar ft. tegan quin
5) run’s house – run dmc
6) rabbit heart (raise it up) – florence & the machine
7) beautiful arms – wilderness
8) no more – julie doiron
9) my best friend – tim mcgraw
10) man in the mirror – michael jackson


bambi, are you giving me attitude?

the new ca$hmere lookbook contains cartoon characters in their new line.
so righteous.

half-blood prince.

i'm not a big harry potter fan.  i've never read any of the books, and have only seen the first and the fourth movie (oh, and possibly the second... i don't remember).  

BUT at work we got free tickets to an advanced screening of the new movie for tomorrow, and i am pretty stoked for it!  i was hoping to get in a bit of a harry potter movie marathon, but am out of time. 

love, keiko.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

one early.

tomorrow i am hitting the stampede, and before the stampede i am working.  this means i won't post my top ten... i'll be too tired/lazy (i know it).  so instead of being a day late, i want to be a day early.

this is a snippet of the playlist i made for my room cleaning/organizing days.

1.  we are nowhere and it's now - bright eyes
2.  mr. tough - yo la tengo
3.  made-up love song #43 - guillemots
4.  moth's wings - passion pit
5.  no cars go - arcade fire
6.  collect call - metric
7.  the clap - the unicorns
8.  untitled - devendra banhart
9.  graveyard girl - m83  
10.  dimmer - bishop allen


love keiko.

Friday, July 10, 2009



instead of doing something productive (example: complete things off my many to-do lists) i hit the urban outfitters website and made myself a short "wishlist" (i managed to stay away from the clothes/shoes section of the website).  here are some of my faves!

  (so recycle this note/who needs trees?)

 artists series sticky notes.

 i love these!

 i love jellyfish, i need jellyfish art.

also on my wishlist: ipod boom box, fisheye camera, lomo diana dreamer camera, jewelry box, key hook, shelves.

love keiko.

another one bites the dust.

when i heard phillip was kicked off sytycd my face went like this (left to right):

ps. i just found out now what girl left...i dont think caitlin was amazing.


is this for real?


sadsadsadsad i am sad.  phillip got kicked off sytycd!!!!!  
since kaur is slacking... here is a video of the dance wade choreographed, and mia michaels because it was so dope (and kayla is my fave).

love keiko.

p.s.  i was really impressed by ade's solo!  i never really thought much of him, but he was really good.

p.p.s.  i liked last season way better than i am likin' this season.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


so sweet sweden!


smiley faces.

today's things that i like:

anderson cooper
russian ballroom dancers
wade robson routines
people with accents
the sound of rain

ps. today's sytycd was a prime example of why wade robson is my fave choreographer...i will post the video as soon as i can

ten things.

whhaaattt? there is a new show on abc family based on the movie 10 things i hate about you.  i personally have not seen the show, but i just imdb'd it and googled it... and so far i am unimpressed.  that movie is a sweet classic, this show will be terrible in comparison! it has that annoying girl from the show ned's declassified school survival guide... it is doomed.

some things i learned:

1.  the guy who plays patrick was in a mary-kate and ashley movie (passport to paris).
2.  larry miller plays the dad... he was the dad in the movie too.  kinda weird.
3.  cute little cameron is played by this guy who was in the horrible family channel movie minutemen.
4.  the girl who plays bianca was in camp rock... and was the mean girl, i dont like her.
5.  i didn't learn this one, but i feel it is important to mention that the cast of the movie was perfect... heath? joseph gordon-levitt? larissa oleynik (aka alex mac!)? julia stiles? all so great.  plus, allison janney!!... i miss this movie.
6.  maybe i watch too much family channel... since i recognized so many faces in the promo photos from shitty movies/tv shows (suite life of zach & cody, hannah montana...).  yikes.

love keiko.

its all in the details.

i lubadubdub jason bateman.
so funny!
i never knew any of this about him.
what a surprise.
read read read.
oh and look at the pics too.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i'll be there.

okokok.  i didn't watch any of the michael coverage of his memorial today, i was working, but i am watching cnn with my mom and they are doing a "mash-up" of the day.  i've gotta say, from the small clip that i saw, that jennifer hudson singing "will you be there" would have been my fave performance,  i love j. hud, and this is the first mj song that i remember knowing - for two reasons:

1.  free willy was the first movie i saw in theatres, my mom's friend took me, and it was pretty exciting (considering i was 5 years old, and i remember that day perfectly).  i love that movie.  i also thought it was kinda cool that my name is the same as the whale's real name (but now i find it crazy annoying - "oh so you're named after the whale.. you know, like free willy?", "no, actually i am named after my grandma").  so as soon as it was out on video we bought it, and i memorized that whole movie.

2.  two years later we used the song for the finale of our dance recital, and it became my fave song for a while.

shortly after i started learning more michael songs, but this one has always been my fave. 

love keiko.

the yellow bird.

i want i want i want.
so if you wanna buy one for me...
i like all of them.

i heart mj.

ps. i just loved this so much i had to post it here: (found via oh my thats awesome)

its just awesome stuff, dudes.

one of my favourite blogs.



michael jacksons public funeral service was held today.
it occured at the staples centre in l.a.
and was televised on almost every american tv network.
this moment was heartbreaking...


Monday, July 6, 2009

stunned as a bag of hammers.

this may be one of the funniest things ever...

Even Stephen Responsible Drinking


ps. notice when colbert is listing something off by starting with 1) and ending with b)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

no name.

today's word is:

ps. cantankerous originates from contenkerous.
contenkerous = contentious + rancorous.

pps. no picture.

rappers delight.

does anyone else find this a little disconcerting?


mike tyson?

i watched the hangover finally today.
snaps for kaur!

the hangover: A+
sooo yah i suppose im generally pretty happy with most movies i see...probably because im pretty picky with what ones i wanna see at all. thats why most movies i see i will review well. i had heard mostly positive things about the hangover but was a little skeptical cause usually movies with hype underwhelm and todd phillips hasn't thrilled me in the past. this movie (you've alll prolly seen it already) was funny. end of story. nothing crazy special just your regalur ole guy humour funny. i did love how it wasn't just a drunken fiasco and it was 3 guys trying to figure a whole night out! it defs had its highs and lows...i'll stick with mentioning the highlights. the tiger was sweet. the chicken even better cause you never find out where its from. mike tyson and carrot top make appearances. umm...zach galifianakis was spot on in his performance. sooo funny. music choices were great! music definitely plays a major role in how much i like a movie...just like as soon as i heard sabotage by the beastie boys in star trek i was soon as i heard can't tell me nothing by kanye west i was totally in for the ride. stu's character singing was great. oh and so was the wedding singer's rendition of 50 cents candy shop. i also liked the ocean's 11-esque black jack scheme. i think the overall enormity and over the top situation was hilarious. this movie will definitely be remembered and i could watch it again cause there were probably some subtleties that i missed. oh i do wanna know what happened with the wrecked car though.


you'll find a way.

please note my excitement to see songs from my birthday mix for kaur on her weekly ten! i love that mix.  

love keiko.

p.s.  you'll find a way... i had trouble deciding if i wanted the original or the switch & sinden remix on my ten, both are awesome.

p.p.s.  i never know if i should type santogold or santigold.  i like santogold better, because i like the letter O better than I, but she did change it to the I (which i don't like, at all).  

now that you're twenty/it's your party.

1) the first day of my life – bright eyes
2) 14 forever – stars
3) no intention – dirty projectors
4) first of the gang to die – zee avi
5) abilene – damien jurado
6) harder now that its over – ryan adams
7) i was a lover – tv on the radio
8) i sing i swim – seabear
9) you’ll find a way (switch & sinden remix) – santogold
10) the seed – the roots

ps. for my bday keiko made me a sweet mix...a lot of these songs are from it!

it is sunday.

1.  burn 2 ash - chad vangaalen
2.  sweet dreams, sweet cheeks - los campesinos!
3.  shout me out - tv on the radio
4.  you'll find a way - santigold
5.  our plans, collapsing - chris walla
6.  damn girl - justin timberlake
7.  URAQT (diplo mix)- m.i.a.
8.  don't let them see you cry- manchester orchestra
9.  rough gems- islands
10.  eyes on fire - blue foundation

love keiko.
p.s.  for some reason i had a really tough time picking ten songs this week.  i'm not sure how happy i am with the ones that i came up with.  oh well.


i am a fan of the bandage dress.
herve leger is a genius.


Friday, July 3, 2009


i have not read perezhilton or justjared in over 3 weeks.  
i have not read a celebrity gossip magazine in 2 weeks.
i feel out of the loop.
today at work i will catch up on the the magazines.

love keiko.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


love love love.

i also liked love lockdown by nappytabs... not my fave, but still sweet!!


love keiko.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

dance, dance, dance.

i am watching so you think you can dance RIGHT NOW.  i haven't been a big fan of sonya's choreography in the past... but this vampire (twilight-ish) themed contemporary was totes amazing.  it was even to the song eyes on fire, by blue foundation, which is from the twilight soundtrack.  awesome!  i will probably post a video of it once it is up on youtube.

love keiko.

i heart the zoo.

not your average puppies.
swift fox kits!
new at the zoo...
i want to see them soooo much.



happy canada day.
in honour of this event i bought books...
im so excited to read them.
however i still have tons to read that i already bought.

the friends of meager forture - david adams richards
the lost highway - david adams richards
netherland - joseph o'neill
the outcast - sadie jones
dispatches from the edge - anderson cooper
the winter of our discontent -john steinbeck
lullabies for little criminals - heather o'neill
survivor - chuck palahniuk


the invention of lying...this fall.

i want to see this!
ricky gervais. jennifer garner. tina fey.


the room before and after.


ps. i didn't write anything about it...learn more here