Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ten things.

whhaaattt? there is a new show on abc family based on the movie 10 things i hate about you.  i personally have not seen the show, but i just imdb'd it and googled it... and so far i am unimpressed.  that movie is a sweet classic, this show will be terrible in comparison! it has that annoying girl from the show ned's declassified school survival guide... it is doomed.

some things i learned:

1.  the guy who plays patrick was in a mary-kate and ashley movie (passport to paris).
2.  larry miller plays the dad... he was the dad in the movie too.  kinda weird.
3.  cute little cameron is played by this guy who was in the horrible family channel movie minutemen.
4.  the girl who plays bianca was in camp rock... and was the mean girl, i dont like her.
5.  i didn't learn this one, but i feel it is important to mention that the cast of the movie was perfect... heath? joseph gordon-levitt? larissa oleynik (aka alex mac!)? julia stiles? all so great.  plus, allison janney!!... i miss this movie.
6.  maybe i watch too much family channel... since i recognized so many faces in the promo photos from shitty movies/tv shows (suite life of zach & cody, hannah montana...).  yikes.

love keiko.

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