Tuesday, July 21, 2009

just a list.

here is a quick list of things that i am liking/things that i am looking forward to (this week).

1.  free screening of 500 days of summer - on thursday.  i am in love with zooey deschanel (a reminder, in case you've forgotten).
2.  lately, this calgary weather.  so nice!  perfect for a late night walk/afternoon reading (or napping) in the sun.
3.  this blog: http://inthecolours.wordpress.com/ (belonging to one of my fave people ever/one of my bffs).
4.  etsy.com !!! i bought something off it a few years ago... and then forgot about it - and then spent hours and hours one night clicking "add to cart"... and then resisting the intense urge to click "checkout"
5.  calgary folk music festival! 
6.  (this one already happened, but i liked it and looked forward to it) sun and salsa in kensington (the art supply store=the best salsa... good amount of spice, and very little cilantro!)... and the farmer's market!
7.  baking! i love to bake.
8.  ellen on sytycd!
9.  (this also is in the past) tie-dye parties! i had only tie-dyed twice before (once when i was 10... which turned out amazing, and once when i was 19... which was a disaster), this time i am certain that my shirt turned out great, and i am stoked to tie-dye some more!

love, keiko.

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