Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i'll be there.

okokok.  i didn't watch any of the michael coverage of his memorial today, i was working, but i am watching cnn with my mom and they are doing a "mash-up" of the day.  i've gotta say, from the small clip that i saw, that jennifer hudson singing "will you be there" would have been my fave performance,  i love j. hud, and this is the first mj song that i remember knowing - for two reasons:

1.  free willy was the first movie i saw in theatres, my mom's friend took me, and it was pretty exciting (considering i was 5 years old, and i remember that day perfectly).  i love that movie.  i also thought it was kinda cool that my name is the same as the whale's real name (but now i find it crazy annoying - "oh so you're named after the whale.. you know, like free willy?", "no, actually i am named after my grandma").  so as soon as it was out on video we bought it, and i memorized that whole movie.

2.  two years later we used the song for the finale of our dance recital, and it became my fave song for a while.

shortly after i started learning more michael songs, but this one has always been my fave. 

love keiko.

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