Monday, July 27, 2009

k is for keiko & kaur.

i feel like making a list of highlights from the past week... but i think that i've already mentioned most things that would make the list (or just the most important).  oh well, i'll give it a go.

1.  the screening of (500) days of summer.
2.  folk fest.
3.  tie-dye party x2... and i am ready for another round.
4.  my new music binge - i am still struggling to finish listening to it all (so good!).
5.  crave cupcakes.  it had been quite a while since i've had a cupcake (i dont even remember the last time), they were out of the minis so i overdosed on regular sized ones (we couldn't even finish the half dozen that we purchased).
6.  sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!!!
7.  a new bathing suit (animal print?! what?... it's sweet).

what am i looking forward to in the week to come? VACATION.

what am i sad about missing next weekend?  rock the bells.

love, keiko.

p.s.  if you know of anyone who wants to a ticket to rock the bells for hella cheap, you should probably let me know - i don't want my ticket to go to waste!


Mel said...

have you gotten rid of your rock the bells tix yet? If not - I'll buy them off you! =)

Keiko and Kaur said...

sadly... yes, i sold it earlier today.