Thursday, July 23, 2009

think alaska.

500 days of summer tonight.  i wish kaur was in town so that she could come!  she is on a cruise in alaska right now, i miss her.

when i think alaska i think of...
1.  into the wild.
2.  my love for emile hirsch.
3.  my love for justin timberlake (connection: alphadog).
5.  glaciers/death by glacier -  my grade seven science teacher told us all about the crevasses in glaciers... if you fall into one you could disappear forever, it terrified me.
6.  vampires and the movie 30 days of night (and also twilight).
7.  zombies (connection: thinking of vampires leads to thinking of zombies).

i don't like ending this list on the number seven, but i guess that is all that i think of when i think of alaska.

love, keiko.

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