Tuesday, July 28, 2009

baked alaskas and hot hot heat.

i dont really have much to say come to think of it.
however its been forever since i posted anything.
i thought id have tons to share but i dont.
im going to simply let my stream of consciousness take over.

- alaska is the greatest
- cruises are kinda ridiculous but sweet
- vicky christina barcelona is pretty good not great
- i want to take photography classes
- the people that work at robson st club monaco dress perfectly
- i like calgary more than i thought
- there are lots of movies i want to see
- its hot hot hot
- i want a shaken iced passion tea lemonade
- i should get rid of this blanket
- i need to listen to new music
- kayaks are amazing
- pink, silver, king, sockeye, and chum from pinky to thumb


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