Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(500) days of perfection.

so after many months and then some of waiting i finally saw 500 days of summer.
thank goodness it was perfect.
no let downs in sight.
i agree with keiko (who saw it before i could) it was the best movie i saw in awhile.

here's the dl:
the story is real...its believable and i bet everyone can relate in some way. i really enjoyed how the story was told. the audience knows the end result (its not a love story per say) and they know the beginning...what the plotline follows is what comes in between. the cinematography was gorgeous. the music was incredible (so obviously i was sold).  the way art was integrated was magnificent - id love to give more details but i feel like ill give parts of it away. the 'day' interludes were clever. i loved loved loved the imaginative dance-ish sequence that gordon-levitt was a part of with the animated was so much fun and just exuded happiness. oh but my favourite part was the ikea scene for sure. i kinda do the same thing when im in furniture stores and whatnot. i like to pretend im at home! though the way joseph and zooey did it was pure perfection! really i dont have a single bad thing to say about it and i should stop before i continue rambling about how much i loved it. it really embodied what i love in a movie and though i kinda hated zooey in the movie (mostly because she broke joseph's heart - so it wasnt her but the type of person she had to be i guess...i cant explain it) i thought the characters were gorgeously portrayed. joseph gordon levitt was absolutely adorable through and through i loved him and wanted to just go and make him feel better and zooey is just so darn cute i want to put her in my pocket. it was heartbreaking and perfect. i just really felt this movie annnd would watch it again in a heartbeat! go watch it as soon as you can. 


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