Sunday, July 26, 2009


today i had my first folk fest experience.  it was glorious.  it was a perfect day of laying in the sun, chillin', listening to sweet music.  never again will i miss folk fest, i've been wanting to go since the summer i graduated high school... but it always happens to be when i go on vacation.

some highlights?

- my rekindled love for mirah.  i was all about mirah a few years ago, and then sort of forgot about her(/forgot how sweet she is).  she is amazing.  she is adorable.  when i got home i decided that i was going to make a playlist called "i love mirah" and fill it with only my fave songs by her... so difficult (especially when i hit the album you think it's like this but it's really like this... seriously, i forgot how much i love this album!).  making the playlist got me to sit down and listen to (a)spera (which i downloaded a while ago, and only listened to a few songs off it), and it is really good! i just really love mirah, and you should too.  once i have completed the playlist i will share it.

- we started out the day with a bit of michael bernard fitzgerald, who is just about the cutest boy ever - best moment? throwing in some "apple bottom jeans/boots with the fur/the whole club was lookin' at her..." just beautiful. 

- the hilarious knee sunburn that my friend alexandra got, just a circle directly above her kneecap on both knees... it was radiating heat.

- all of the terrible tattoos, ugh! (example: giant black stars covering a woman's kneecaps).

- all of the beautiful tattoos, and beautiful people.

- discovering that the shakespeare in the park's version of romeo & juliet features music by biggie and m.i.a.! 

the end.

love, keiko.

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