Saturday, July 11, 2009

one early.

tomorrow i am hitting the stampede, and before the stampede i am working.  this means i won't post my top ten... i'll be too tired/lazy (i know it).  so instead of being a day late, i want to be a day early.

this is a snippet of the playlist i made for my room cleaning/organizing days.

1.  we are nowhere and it's now - bright eyes
2.  mr. tough - yo la tengo
3.  made-up love song #43 - guillemots
4.  moth's wings - passion pit
5.  no cars go - arcade fire
6.  collect call - metric
7.  the clap - the unicorns
8.  untitled - devendra banhart
9.  graveyard girl - m83  
10.  dimmer - bishop allen


love keiko.

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