Sunday, July 5, 2009

mike tyson?

i watched the hangover finally today.
snaps for kaur!

the hangover: A+
sooo yah i suppose im generally pretty happy with most movies i see...probably because im pretty picky with what ones i wanna see at all. thats why most movies i see i will review well. i had heard mostly positive things about the hangover but was a little skeptical cause usually movies with hype underwhelm and todd phillips hasn't thrilled me in the past. this movie (you've alll prolly seen it already) was funny. end of story. nothing crazy special just your regalur ole guy humour funny. i did love how it wasn't just a drunken fiasco and it was 3 guys trying to figure a whole night out! it defs had its highs and lows...i'll stick with mentioning the highlights. the tiger was sweet. the chicken even better cause you never find out where its from. mike tyson and carrot top make appearances. umm...zach galifianakis was spot on in his performance. sooo funny. music choices were great! music definitely plays a major role in how much i like a movie...just like as soon as i heard sabotage by the beastie boys in star trek i was soon as i heard can't tell me nothing by kanye west i was totally in for the ride. stu's character singing was great. oh and so was the wedding singer's rendition of 50 cents candy shop. i also liked the ocean's 11-esque black jack scheme. i think the overall enormity and over the top situation was hilarious. this movie will definitely be remembered and i could watch it again cause there were probably some subtleties that i missed. oh i do wanna know what happened with the wrecked car though.


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