Monday, April 27, 2009

baby names.

so, back in september i bought a new car... and ever since have been stumped for naming her (yes her, everything that i own ends up with a girl name).  i've had numerous suggestions, and nothing fit.  (we need a bit of a back story here. you need to know that my old car's name was molly, and it was a perfect fit, no name has ever fit a car better. she was a beautiful weird greenish-aquaish-sky blue '91 jetta, and was just molly, so i was set on finding a name just as perfect).  and then today, after discussing names with someone new, i finally landed on one. 


i figure it's a good one because i am alllll about zooey deschanel, and zooey is just a rad name.  now i don't think it's quite as good as molly, but i think my car will grow into her new name nicely.  zooey, my "velocity red" mazda3.

love keiko

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